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4th June 2002Mr R Nokes
Excellent dedicated site. Totally focused on what is a very special event in the calender of bravery.
3rd June 2002YNCS Skip Tusa, USN (ret)
Excellent website. I rented " Zulu" & "Zulu Dawn" to again
be in awe of such bravery. What a tradition the regiment
has. I speak as a 30 year veteran of the United State Navy.

1st June 2002Ben Johnson
great job! great job!
I cant believe how well you all put this site together!
Heroes shall never be forgotten...
Keep up the great work
1st June 2002Sally Fox
Can anybody help ?

I am looking for a picture of Trooper George Mossop 'Chops' with his horse 'warrior'

Somewhere I've seen a picture of Mossop with Warriors head in his lap after he wasinjured at the battle of Hlobane.

Mossop then rode on Warrior to Kambula where he died.

IF anyone has information, or a picture, please contact me, together with permission to use the picture.

30th May 2002Rick Hogan Jr.
I have always loved and respected History, which is why I recieved my Bachelors Degree in Liberal Arts/History, from Arizona State University.
I am in awe of what I have seen in your website. An Absolutely splended site.
A great memorial to those fighting for England and their Queen, at Rorkes Drift.
I really enjoyed viewing the pictures oh his HRH Prince Shange and the Lord Mayor and Mayoress. I true example of how two warring emenies of the past can come together and honour their ancestors in the furture with anger or fear holding them back.

Thank you friends! after I saw, I shall become a frequent visitor to your site.
Health, Wealth, and Happiness to you all.
29th May 2002Jimmy Smythe
why did they call that one place isandlewana? who thought up that crazy name? tis a good site to visit i think i will come back
25th May 2002mary povey[neemoffatt]
my grandfather thomasmoffatt wonthe distinguished condct medal for the battle of rorkes drift
22nd May 2002Michael O'Dea Montgomery
Wonderful sight, even though my interests lie with the Nile Campaign (Gordon Relief Expedition) I will drop in often.
I started the Soldoers of the Queen Forum about a month ago, and it is doing well. Thanks for a great time, and I will be returning soon.
21st May 2002steven
great site but wouldn't mined haveing some sceens from the film put in the multimedia section
20th May 2002Stuart Russell
A superb website, all the more interesting now that I've actually been there! The discussion forum seems very popular - the interest is obviously as keen as ever, and I'm sure there is still much to learn/discover even after all these years.
20th May 2002James N. Reeb, II CW03, USArmy
Excellent site, very well done. God bless the memories of these brave men.
20th May 2002dann
i have never telled anybody but zulu is my favoute film of all time
20th May 2002dann
this is a truely great site one of the best around
19th May 2002flossy roberts
great site always been a fan of the films have now read the book great admiration for the lads
18th May 2002Ken Gillings
Greetings from KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

As an active member of the South African Military History Society (visit our website )I am amazed at amount of interest that the highly inaccurate film "Zulu" has aroused! The background scenery often spoils it for the numerour visitors whom I take to both Isandlwana and Rorke's Drift, because it was filmed in the Drakensberg mountains, several hundred kilometres from the battlefield. Nonetheless, it has whetted the appetites of thousands of visitors to these two famous sites.

Your website is outstanding, and should be read by anyone contemplating a visit to this magnificent part of the south-eastern corner of Africa.

16th May 2002Ian Uys
Well done. Obviously a labour of love. See my VC books on <> Keep up the good work, Ian.
15th May 2002Robert Jones
Having been interested in the Anglo-Zulu War for 30 years I at last had the chance to visit both battlefields in 2000. The visit was breathtaking and I really didn't have time to take everything in. Luckily I am going back in 2003 and then I can digest everything better. What did strike me as not fair was the lack of commemoration of the Zulu who took part in the War---it was not only the British who fought in the War and ,after all, everything did occur in the country of the Zulu.
13th May 2002Glenn Fair
Fascinating website that answered a long-standing mystery for me.
13th May 2002"Midge" Carter
I was the Historical advisor on Zulu Dawn and despite the Director Richard Hickox's assurance that he wanted this film to be historicaly accurate and my eagerness to comply it was impractical in the timespan of the production. Vereker as any historian would have spotted covered the parts of many characters on that day.In reality he was a rather foolish young man who handed his only means to escape the carnage of Isandlewana, a loose horse he had aquired, to some other who laid claimed to it. He of course perished not far from the battlefield.
The scene at the river crossing presented me with a real problem. The Director wanted the 2 Officers to be killed and a party of triumphant Zulus to carry off the Queens Colour to Cetewayo at Ulundi.
Despite my protests he felt this was the only way to show the true humiliation of the British. I tried to point out that this would make a complete mockery of what had in fact taken place and the reason why Queen Victoria had placed the ring of Imortels on the staff that remains to this day. It is part of the regimental regalia. Fortunatly while this argument was going on he was called to take a phone call from Hollywood. This gave me time to write another ending that would get that flag into the river and still give him his scene on the river bank.As you will recall there was a 3rd man clinging to that rock in the flooding river, Lt.Higginson. Once on the bank he went off to find some horses. For the film poor old Vereker comes to the rescue again this time as Higginson. He shoots the Zulu with the Flag which falls dramaticly into the river. The Director liked this version and so it was shot. Its far from factual as any historian would know but far better than it might have been.
13th May 2002Jim Sinclair
Enjoyed your site.

The Zulu war fascinates me and I have been to Isandhlwana and Rorke's Drift way back in 1980. I dearly wish to come again and will
12th May 2002Geoff Melling
Just located your excellent website and added it to my favourites list. I have a long standing interest in British military history, and this website is a fitting tribute to the courage of those who fought at Rorke's Drift.
11th May 2002Gary Campbell
I have just found the Rorke's Drift site. It is an excellent piece of work! Very well laid out and very informative. I am particularly pleased to see that Dalton's work in designing and creating the defensive plan is being acknowledged. Keep up the good work! All the best.
11th May 2002Philip Page
This site is an outstanding web resource, an absolute joy to use and of a quality that's a fitting tribute to the men at Rorkes Drift. Thanks!
10th May 2002James Johnstone
This action has been of interest to me for many years.I had the pleasure in 1979 of meeting LTCOL Rollo Gillespie (Retd). A young officer of the SWB in the 1930's he spoke of meeting LTCOL Bourne in their mess on occasion. Long retired he was much respected by the young officers, incl Gillespie. Gillespie had many artifacts from the Zulu campaigns incl a rifle from Rorkes Drift. I then had the privilege of giving an address on the 100th Anniversary of the battle, to the officers & wives of the 17 RNSWR (affiliated to the RRW)
James Johnstone MAJ (Retd)
8th May 2002dan
zulu is my favoute film of all time it truly is
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