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1st August 2003Steve Clough
I Joined the Royal Engineers in 1977 and within the first few hours we were watching Zulu.The Corps is very proud of Chard and all the men he commanded,i;m not sure but i think it was the first and maybe only V.C.awarded to an Engineer." He only went to build a bridge"Fantastic Site!!!
31st July 2003John
Congratulations on a phenomenal site. As a visitor of both Isandhlwana and Rorke's Drift a few years ago viewing your effort brought back the powerful sensations the battles sites impressed on me. Thanks
31st July 2003Paul Clough
Paul Clough
Love the film and all the history, I have enjoyed what I have read so far, very interesting facts and pictures, "always wondered what Hookie really looked like"!
Great Site.
24th July 2003Michael Johnson
I am currently undertaking an a-level project about the British defeat at Isandlwana, and debating whether this should be considered a zulu victory or a British defeat. If anyone could provide information regarding the battle, or names of prominent historians i.e Ian Knight i would be extremely gratefull. Thanks!
23rd July 2003Stevie
I like the movie Zulu and I like the movie Zulu Dawn and I like this site and I like reading books about the Zulu wars and I like going to museums that have things about the Zulu War and I like all the heroes who fought in the Zulu war.
23rd July 2003Lee Berty (LA.)
Site good!
22nd July 2003Paul Whiting
This is the first visit I have made to this site and Im impressed. I am hoping to draw and paint a number of scenes from the Rorkes Drift battle and was wondering what scenes the general public who have an interest in the battle would like to see being portrayed most.
21st July 2003Denis Speirs
Is it possible to purchase a CD of the singing of 'Men of Harlech' recorded in the church at Rorkes Drift as described ? Great site I've always loved the story & the film.Watched it& the video many many times I can understand the sentiment expressed by Joe Moldovan I have felt the same many times; I still say some days 'it could be worse we could be at Yorkes Drift' they don't understand. Kindest Regards Denis
21st July 2003Dean Whitham
What a great site just found that my mother was related to Surgeon Major Reynolds. Keep up the good work.
20th July 2003stephen donnison
excellent site// a must for all us zulu fanatics . keep up the good work
19th July 2003Joe Moldovan
Tears are flowing as I write this. Thank you for bringing some truly brave men to life for me. The real story of the battle has inspired me during the many difficulties I have encountered in my life.

The movie was used as a training film in my army unit and I have watched it many, many times over the years. It is a stiring and memorable movie which conveys the essence of the real history of the day.

As an aside: The technical quality of your site is superb. Many others could learn from you on how to do it right.

Thank you again.
17th July 2003Steve M.
my girlfriend told me about your site. man, i learned lots of cool things about this war. during history class i was like, "This is boring." but now that i see your site, i see all the awesome things these fellas have done. history is actually pretty cool
peace out!
17th July 2003Shaneequa KaMponte
As a decendent of the Great Cetshwayo, Chief of the Zulus-Zulu Kingdom during the Zulu War, I say this site does well in providing me with infromation about my heritage. I wish you all good health. I hope to visit Southern Africa before I turn 12 years old. I am currenty aged 10. My mom and Dad have made a promise to let me visit my history and past within 2 years. Good health to you all, again.
Desendent of Cetshwayo-Chief of the Zulu Nation
16th July 2003MICHAEL barley
zulu is my favourite film i thing it was showing how brave the all were
15th July 2003Destiny Hopscon
This site is great. I was searching for a site about the Zulu War for history class and lo and behold I found a great one!!!! Greater than great! This site has truly rekindled my love for Victorian History! I shall now rush to the local bookstore and find books about this lovely topic!
15th July 2003Christy Bluewell
I hafta say this site is on FIRE!!!!! Just like Hooky and the hospital in Zulu!
ive enjoyed your web page and found the information i needed, regarding mr wassel who was the first person to receive a vc in my home town of Barrow in Furness. i knew his son very well as he had a public house in this town for years, he has sadly past away now.

he told me alot about his father and rorkes drift, although being a young lad never reall understood what a vc was untill i went to south africa to live and heard so much about the battle i will now with the information ive recieved from your web site write an article to our local paper about this very brave man keep up the good work i shall be returning to it more often
13th July 2003Nick Gruman
Great site, keep up the good work
10th July 2003Jim Bricket
I have learned lots from this
8th July 2003Ian Millar
As a member of HM Forces, i am very interested in and very proud of our military history, in particular the heroics of every soldier and warrior at Rorkes Drift. I, like many others have watched the film countless times. I'd like to say that this site is one of the most interesting sites i have ever visited, a site i will recommend to everyone. Keep up the good work everyone. Thankyou for allowing me to tie in so many images of the film to the reality and the memories of all who perished and survived.
8th July 2003Gregor Carr
Excellent site - Had the privilige of visiting Rorke's Drift in 1990.
3rd July 2003Graham Stuart
You have a truly great site.
I have been interested in the history of the Zulu wars for many years, and i have now found the ideal site

Many Thanks
30th June 2003Samuel Smithington
I just cant wait to come back to this site tommorrow for more discussion! Keep it up, chaps!! You guys oughta have a VC for your hard work!
30th June 2003Jeremy Julyan
Fantatsic site. Living in Canada but still proud to be British.
Thank you!
29th June 2003Mike Bacon
First saw the movie when I was five (sat through two showings) and have seen it numerous times since. Bought the DVD yesterday with very interesting commentary. This is a great site, well done.
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