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20th March 2004Paul Morris
Excellent site. Just love the information in it.
Served in the British Armed Forces and have family members with long military connections.
Will revisit from time to time.
18th March 2004mike p
excellent site very informative
15th March 2004Tom Aitken
Great site. I'm a big fan of the movie, but more had to be said. It is particularly gratifying Cpl. Scheiss lives on through the movie and this website. A man of such uncommon valor deserved a better fate, and maybe--125 years later--his legacy far outweighs his tragic end.
15th March 2004Georg Barnes
I watched the movie"ZULU" and was interested in learning more of the facts. Thanks!
12th March 2004Terry W. Taylor (USA)
Once again, the bravery of the British people has shown the rest of the world how it should, and can be done. May the good Lord smile kindly on all their souls...
12th March 2004David DeMartinis
I have enjoyed the movie Zulu for many years but was also hungry for some real facts about the battle and the defenders. This website answered them all. I remember as a kid watching that movie and really respecting the way the British fought and died. The British uniforms were so colorful and well tailored in the movie and I have always wondered if they were authentic. If so the British army was the best dressed army in the world. I have tremendous respect for the men who fought and died at Rorkes Drift and thankyou for this wondeful website.
8th March 2004Russell Sheppard
I joined The Royal Regiment of Wales in 1979, and throughout the years with the regiment I learned a lot about Rorkes Drift, the regiment is very proud of their history and so they should be, I finally wint to Rorkes Drift in 1990, I spent a good couple of hours there and left with a tear in my eye.
5th March 2004Chris Willoughby
This website is an amazing tribute to the brave soliders who faced insurmountable odds and triumphed. Thank you very much for the wonderful facts about the defense at Rorke's Drift and clearing up rumors made by the movies.
3rd March 2004Chris Simonis
An outstanding tribute to a group of heroes who had the courage and discipline to face overwelming odds! I'm Emailing this page to all my friends in hope that they will contribute funds to keep this spectacular site going strong! Keep up the good work!!!!!
2nd March 2004Richard Oatley
I was in the 24th of Foot in 1947,then my interest was getting into battle somewhere, due to serious illness shortly after joining , my plans were shattered, i have spent the rest of my life between my illnesses, dreaming of being a Boy drummer at Rorkes drift. i know its only a dream, but within it i can say 'I was There. and that makes me proud to have been a soldier. excellent site much appreciated
1st March 2004robert jones
a very good & informative site well done
1st March 2004DAVID MADDEN
Brilliant web site. I've loved the film Zulu ever since i first saw it when I was little (i'am 32 now) and still do. Your very informative web site has added to my enjoyment/fullfilment of the film even more. P.S i like the film because there is no one hero.
1st March 2004Laurie
What an excellent website! Thank you!
19th February 2004Ann & Brice Higgins
Well done Ken & Mike on the 125th Anniversary of James Langley Dalton! Very interesting web-site.
12th February 2004Laurie Rainer
My Great Granfather Arthur Sears was one of the survivors of this Battle but is not mentioned on these pages..He does however
feature in the Book which lists all the rest of
the Survivors..Book title is :
The Noble 24th.
11th February 2004Vic Scamell
A very interesting web-site. I found out that a family member of mine took part in the battle,Corporal Carl Scammell. He was in the N.N.C 3rd Regiment. If anyone knows anything about him,I would be grateful to receive.
8th February 2004Trevor Perks
My son's middle name is Rorke so as to give him a reason to travel to this historic place when he comes of age. From a personal perspective, having visited Rorke's Drift as well as the museum of the South Wales Borderers, I have tried to be inspired by the bravery shown by both sets of warriors whenever I have been faced with danger in my professional life. If I have a tenth of their courage, then I am satisfied.
8th February 2004Tim Brown
I introduced my ten year old son to the movie "Zulu" and he instantly became interested in the "real" people behind the historical events depicted in the film. We found your excellent web site and are now at work on a school report on the battle. Many thanks!
6th February 2004Mike Woods
My compliments for an excellently presented and educational site. re TM's 'zulu' perspective, like all those ANC 'fighters' he is living in denial. However it does not take the gloss off your site. rgds, mike
5th February 2004t. davis
great site!! great info. i wonder if there are as many brave and discipline men still around? i have always admired the British will to fight and there daring.
5th February 2004Ralph DeMattia
As a Yank who first saw ZULU in 1968, I've been a fanatical Fan ever since, and this website is absolutely the B E S T I've ever seen! It completely knocked me out! I have 3 books on the battle, all bought from the UK, and intend to get at least 2 from the store here, along with the photos of Chard and Bromhead. But how about a set of photos of ALL the VC cross winners? Again, this site is unsurpassable! Great job to whomever started it!!!
4th February 2004Jim Groat
Having watched 'Zulu' for the Umpteenth time (Best war film done) I've always intrigued with the actions of the brave men who faced impossible odds against a determined enemy. I can't imagine the horror of seeing an angry zulu force that those men faced that day, and still pulling off the miracle of survival. This yank salutes those barve defenders of Rorke's Drift.
4th February 2004james churm
I'm an American. Fascinating. Incredible bravery on both sides. What a weird complex world we live in, and that our ancestors lived in. It has always been thus.
4th February 2004richard barrett
terrific site! great story of a"British Alamo" with a happier ending.A grand example of military professionalism and courge.{Thanks to our "cousins"for the assist in Iraq.
3rd February 2004Richard Taylor
Just watched the film Zulu and felt inspired to do a bit of web searching on the subject.
Well done on providing a truly useful and informative website.
Funny to hear of the pub in Darwin. Will have to check that out.
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