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19th March 2001b-j
very well done. i have research the defenders of r/d for over 35 yrs & am still learning. this site has been a help
19th March 2001Roy
Having been a fan of the film "ZULU" for many years it was great to see such an informative site.Reading all your information has given me immense pleasure and brought reality to such a momentous event. Thanks
13th March 2001David Martin
Absolutley wonderful website. The defence of Rorkes Drift and the tragedy of Isandhlwana is something that has fascinated me since a boy, and the information amassed here is enlightening. Fantastic work, and interesting to read about the lives of the defenders.
8th March 2001Phil
Wonderful sight. Like most people I loved the film (and still do) but always suspected that much was amiss. This site revealed that there was more amiss than I thought - but it is a wonderful web-page. Very interesting indeed! Had no idea a defender lived until 1945!
6th March 2001Melissa Ratcliff
A big hello from an honourary member of the "Colour Sergeant Bourne Club" in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. What a wonderful website, very well made and concise.
2nd March 2001John Mosby
What a nice web site! Keep up the good work! You guys deserve "VC" for a great Website.
1st March 2001daniel
great web site I have the move at home
28th February 2001Marc Sinden
Thank you for a fascinating and informative website. I have learnt a huge amount as my only previous knowledge had been through the film, the premeiere of which I attended too long ago! Well done.
27th February 2001Tom Johnson
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Peter Critchley and Company for his outstanding, well-detailed and extremely interesting travelogue to Rorke's Drift, Isandhlwana, Spion Kop and all. Being an Anglo-Zulu War Historical Society member and avid enthusiast from the Greater San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California, USA, I can honestly say that I felt like I was there experiencing the sites and sounds that Peter, his dad and uncle were feeling. I hope to visit these historical, humbling places in the near future. I didn't want this wonderful website to go unacknowledged. Thanks for listening.
27th February 2001Chris Lopez
great great website, it is truely epic. There is just so much here. I was totally blown away when i came across this fantastic website.
27th February 2001peter carter
What a great site!.
I was very interested to read about c.sgt Bourne.
I live very near to where he was born in sussex.
23rd February 2001Susan L Hoolachan
Again having logged onto your website I cannot fail to be impressed and moved by the continuing amount of heroism that is being presented to us. Without your dedication Zulu would just be the film and not really knowing the men and their courage. Brilliant.
22nd February 2001Diana Blackwell
Your site rocks! Thanks for doing such a splendid job of memorializing the battle of Rorke's Drift. Your detailed information about the VC winners is very impressive. Thanks also for acknowledging the movie that turned so many of us on to the battle, and for explaining where artistic license was used. (Okay, so Hookie is highly fictionalized--he's wonderful nonetheless, and that photo of him is perfect.) The Zulu viewpoint is an excellent inclusion. I would love to see it expanded.
20th February 2001Jerry Williams
Fine work.

Thanks for making the effort to help preserve and educate.

I'm proud to be an American of Welsh descent. Looking forward to our trip to Wales this May and to someday pilgrimage to the Drift.

All the best....
20th February 2001Paul McCarthy
My father is the great-grandson of Pte HOOK and I am trying to get as much information as I can on his granddaughters,edith,vara,florence and grandson clement.Any information would be greatly appreciated
18th February 2001Dennis Good
Excellent site with detailed information complementing what I had known about the battle. Well done. Dennis Good, WO(Ret'd)
17th February 2001Bob Morris
very pleased to see a web site of such quality. I visited Rorkes Drift in the early seventies and obviously much has been added to the site since then.
some of the info on the VC winners i had not read of before. keep up the good work as i will return to the page often. BOB MORRIS
16th February 2001Tom Krieps
this is a great site
It is very complete and detailed
I appreciate the zulu point of view as it gives the opposing fraction the possibility to voice their dissent from the clearly earned admiration of the very few good men of rorke's drift

16th February 2001James Ash
Great site. I was informed of it the otherday by a colleague at work. It is of particular interest to me as my family from my fathers side is related to Cpl. Ferdnand Christian Schiess.
14th February 2001Mike Brown
Very informative site. I have always enjoyed the film "Zulu". Now I can immerse myself in the real story, joyous and tragic. Thanks for a very professional Web page
14th February 2001David Gibbons
I very much enjoyed the biograpical details of the VC winners & next time I go to watch "Glawser" will allow a lttle extra time to vist Pte Hook's grave at Churcham.Wonderful site. Thank you

Thank you.
13th February 2001LtCol Allen L. Pack (ret) USAF
Outstanding - A fitting tribute to a truly heroic and desperate fight. Had the pleasure of defending Dhahran Air Base in Saudia Arabia with 51st Squadron of your RAF Regiment during the recent Gulf War. A most professional unit of officers and men. I was most happy to have them allied with My 1 Squadron USAF Security Forces. Again, well done and a most fitting tribute to your gallant warriors of old!
13th February 2001John McLoughlin
I discovered this site by accident. As a professional web developer I was very impressed by the layout and content of the site. Very well done.
13th February 2001Stuart Mendez
Re my earlier message concerning our property 'Rorke's Drift'. A William Earnest CHARD, also lived here, from at least 1934 to 1958. We need to find out if Frank Bourne had any connection with this gentleman or was this particular Chard any relation to John Rouse Merriott Chard? Can anybody provide any more info please as to why our property is so called?
11th February 2001Chris Feliz
Greetings from So. California. marvelous site! very informative for anyone interested in the history of the heroic stand at Rorke's drift.
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