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20th June 2001Wololo
wololo good site
20th June 2001Dianne Bromhead
Thank you for keeping the information alive on these brave men.
19th June 2001Jack Fending
You guys have a great website going on here and I would like to see 1 more thing: If you guys would show pictures of the uniforms they wore and the different ones for each officer. If you dont put that up I still will come here everyday like i have been doing since a very long time

Anyways good website and keep up the great work!
15th June 2001david sweet
Fantastic is the only word to describe your site. I am one of the latest recruits to the Die Hards, at present assembling my uniform. also am in the process of visiting the graves. Have visited Hitch at Chiswick, next will be Chard at Hatch Beauchamp whilst on holiday in August. I expect we will see a lot of each other over the next few years I shall look forward to that.
15th June 2001Alan Critchley
Good idea. We will try to do that.

14th June 2001Paul Jones
Great web site - but then you have great material to work with, right? I would enjoy one addition: a good map (or two) of the site showing disposition of forces, topography and defensive works from an overhead perpsective. But, that said, great job!
13th June 2001BARRY JACKNOW
13th June 2001Peter Critchley
Eric, Questions can be posted to the Discussion Forum and will be answered there.

12th June 2001eric mcgath
Goood website ecept it dont answer anybodys guestions Thanky
10th June 2001Glenn Wade
I think your web-page is terrific. Although I am Welsh I totally agree that the total of Welshmen at Rorke's Drift was very small.
9th June 2001Douglas Reeves
This Site is a brilliant read,
Just for your information the Defence of Rourkes Drift by Alphonse De Neuville hangs in the Art Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney Australia.
My Rifle Club holds a match for Martini Rifles in January every year called the "Rorkes Drift" match the prize is a print of the De Neuville painting, Thanks again for a great time.
7th June 2001Phil Read
Congratulations on a well designed and informative site, certainly the best I have found on the subject. It's good to know that so many people are still interested in the events of 1879. I will definitely be at the Fix Bayonets! event on 28/29 July.
6th June 2001April
Thank you for providing an informative and well designed site about Rorke's Drift. After surfing through several other Rorke's Drift sites for information, I found your diary and photos well organized and informative.

Have you considered adding information about the history of Rorke's Drift before the battle? or about Rorke himself?

Thanks again.
6th June 2001Roy P. Carvana
50 years old and living in Austria since I was 8, I always was interested in the British Armed Forces, especially untill the Beginning of the 20th century. I saw the movie "Zulu Dawn" first 1986 and was very impressed.(with Peter O'Toole!)Unfortunately I didn't find anything really interesting about the Zulu War in Austria. I am looking for an interesting, well illustrated book, am producing oilpainting - and on picture is the Battle of Isandhlwana.(The other one is "The Charge of the Scots Greys" a copy of a famous artwork in the Leeds museum of Arts.)
A very nice and interesting site, indeed.Congratulations! The other movie "Zulu" with Stanley Baker found my full interest too. But I cannot remember that song "Men at Arms....!"
6th June 2001Dave Luff
Well done this a well set out website, that is easy on the eye.This is how all sites should be, what ever they are about.
5th June 2001Don Norton
In 1972 I first saw the film on television. At first I thought "yeah, right" a small band holding off that horde. I was stunned to realize the story was true. I went out and bought "The Washing of the Spears' 2 days later.Since then I have been an avid student of the Zulu War. Well done on this site, very informative and interesting!
3rd June 2001Ian fryer
What a superb site dedicated to some of the most bravest men that ever wore a British uniform, excellent links and history about those who served.
1st June 2001Dan Brennan
I have been fascinated by the story of Rorke's Drift for many years, but only just discovered your site. I find the individual accounts of some of the soldiers to be extremely valuable in understanding what that day must have been like.
31st May 2001Sandy Ghosh
I just found your website and it is compelling and fabulous in every way. I have always considered Rorke's Drift the greatest military encounter in all of military history but I have never encountered one person here in the States that knows a thing about it. It is certainly never covered in the history books here. I only learned of it initially from watching the film Zulu which is just incredible. Thank you again and I will put more comments on the message board.
31st May 2001David Cole
Excellent site. I live not far from Lt. Chard's gravesite, so I will definitely visit.
23rd May 2001Trevor Maxfield
Great site found while looking for information on sgt Robert Maxfield
19th May 2001Stephen Jamison
A wonderful site, this is a battle I have been interested in for many years and your site is one of the most informative and worthwhile sources I have found. Congratulations on a job well done
13th May 2001Susan Hoolachan
Many thanks for your continuing updates, I always find something new and interesting everytime I log on. I have passed on your excellent website to quite a few friends who were so impressed. I for one am so moved everytime I read of their heroism and the fact that these men put the Great into Britain.
12th May 2001Cliff baker
have seen the film many times and read countless books on the Zulu war and found your site the best and most informative around.
Excellent site with all the information I needed and very detailed.
Thanks !
7th May 2001Pat Paskiewicz
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