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4th June 2005steve pike
Great site for imformation.I live in the village where Sir Stanley Baker was born and where his ashes are scattered over the mountain side.I have a signed copy of the report of the defence on the 22/23 -1879.I hope to visit the grave of J R Merriott Chard this summer.
1st June 2005Patrick Tierney
Excellent site.Having been lucky enough to visir Rourkes Drift a few years ago this site brings it all back to me.Keep up the good work I 'will be back' My Grt Grandfather was a RQMS in the 41st The Welch.
31st May 2005Chip
Brilliant, every fact I needed to know was on this website.
31st May 2005mai shiranui
I really love the content of this site it serves as a source of valuable information in my
life .I will continue to visit this websites often and I would like to thank you for your
continual service
27th May 2005Steve Lockhart
I was given some vague information that there was possibly a soldier at Rorke's Drift by the name of Lockhart, who survived the war and on his death was buried in a paupers grave in Manchester.
Has anybody any information that may confirm this as correct or not.
Thanks Steve Lockhart
24th May 2005Chris
Great website. Superb
23rd May 2005D Bembrick
one of the best sites on the web and certainly one of my favourites the devotion to the battle at rorkes drift is brilliant
20th May 2005John C. Driskill
Thanks for a great website. After watching the movie "Zulu", I wondered what became of the heroes of the Rorke's Drift battle. Now I know.
20th May 2005Patrick Daniel Gallagher
Absolutely inspiring! I am a Yank and a former Army E5 (Sergeant). The "HoBo Woods" was my "Rorke's Drift". For me, the most venerable line of dialouge in the 1964 film was CPL Allen's sighful utterance..."I hope I live and die...I hope so." I salute the men of B Company, 24th Regiment-of-Foot.
I see by the Company's Roll...that there was one named SGT Henry Gallagher! I shall have to research that! Again, I say..."WELL DONE!"
Thank you again for a most wonderful and professional site. I would also like to thank the
amazing people of Great Britain for standing by their American cousins during these contemporary, tumultuous times. Thank You again!

18th May 2005Robert Owen Jones
This site is brilliant, I tell all my old Army mates to take a look, The film Zulu can only scratch the surface of the bravery these guy showed in facing an enemy who vastly outnumbered them, its a credit to them as individuals and to their fighting spirit, similarly the young man who was recently awarded a V,C, for his courage, not only once but twice whilst serving in Iraq, WELL DONE young man you are like your predeccesors, a credit to the service
17th May 2005Jim in Virginia
Recently reading, again, "A Bridge Too Far" and the courage of the British 1st Airborne reminded me of the story of Rorkes Drift from the movie and the courage of the 11 VC winners, and that of the 120-odd others. This time I took the time to really look carefully and thus appreciate it all the more.
Very good web site tells a wonderful story.
Thank you.
10th May 2005John Roker
Colour Sergeant George Chambers KIA @ Isandhlwana. Married to Margaret Lewis. His Daughter "Alice Chambers" born circa 1876. Grand Daughter Mary O'Brian last heard of in Winchester. I am anxious to hear from any descendent of the above who would have knowledge of Thomas Lewis, Margaret Lewis's younger brother who fought at Rorkes Drift as Bombardier Thomas Lewis 458. In parrticular I need information on his life after the Army, his occupation and adresses and any knowledge of a marriage to Annie Price.

I need to prove or disprove my wifes Grandfather "Thomas Lewis" was one and the same as Bombardier Lewis. I have information on both! I need to find a definate conection to prove they were one and the same!

John Roker
4th May 2005John Fox
I have never filled out a guest book before, but feel I need to for this site. Superb is all I can say. I don't even know how I stumbled upon it but I have read every word on it and have placed it amongst my favourites list to come back to.
2nd May 2005Francesca Hansen-Hoare
This is a fantastic website. I first came across it when I was looking for information on my my Great Great Grandfather - Private EVAN JONES.
I know he was widowed and that section of the family were based around Welshpool. He had a daughter from his second marriage who ended up in Yorkshire following her marriage. I'm from the Yorkshire section of the family and it would be great to hear from anybody that may be related to me.
This really is a fantastic site - well done.
1st May 2005John Pardoe
Having watched the film at every available opportunity, I was really pleased to have found your amazing site.
It brought me great pleasure, and I will be revisiting again.
Keep up the good work.
22nd April 2005P.F
19th April 2005Bugs Moran
I lived in Southern Africa for over thirty years and always enjoyed visits to the Zulu War battle sites and especially staying at hotels in Ulundi and the Royal Hotel in Dundee Natal. Every visit I learnt a little more history or took in the magnificent scenery that the area offers.
18th April 2005Leigh Higgins
Thanks to Simone for telling me about this great site. Capt Don Wieler is who I'll be letting know this Gem of a site in the World Wide Web.

It has excellent information which I have learned a lot on a Battle and Period in British Military History I am really interested in.

Point people to this site, but don't point that spear at me...
17th April 2005S Kuhn
Having seen the film "Zulu" plenty of times, this fantastic site captures my interest even more.
17th April 2005Phil Cowan
This is a magnificent site and full of previously unknown information and knowledge. Well done.
16th April 2005Jack Jones
What a great find! I was doing a little research on Napoleonic wars and found this. Being of Scot/Welsh descent and a big fan of Zulu Dawn I was very interested when I saw this site. I didn't realize how important these events where still to my ancestral home.
The incredible bravery of the troop at Rorke's drift is still inspiring.
My highest recommendations and complements.
12th April 2005Bob Long
I would like to ask a hypothetical question. If Custers troops had been armed with Martini-Henry's instead of trap-door .45-70 Springfields, would they have survived the battle of the Little Big Horn of ????? I believe the incresed range and higher rate of fire might have made a big difference.
7th April 2005Derek Diboll
Fantastic website for anyone interested in anything related to the Anglo-Zulu conflict.
7th April 2005Colin J Ely
A great website "Facimus et Frangimus"
5th April 2005Colum O'Rourke
Brilliant website. A great attraction for all Zulu enthusiasts especially for people to learn more. I recommend this website to anyone who wishes to learn more. You might remember that I wrote to you about two years ago. I am the great-great grand nephew of James Rorke or 'Jim'. I have researched these records at the Archives Office in Dublin for emigrants and soldiers. Proud to still have O'Rourke as the name although we adapted the 'O' and the 'u' during the Gaelic renaissance of Ireland in the 1880's-1890's.
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