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31st July 2002paul hook
30th July 2002Ian hitch
Great Site. Fantastic work both of you. I see there is many hook relatives here. i believe i am related to hitch. just need to start tracing witch i am going to do. i will be suree to come offten.
29th July 2002paul hook
would maureen jones e mail me with her e mail adress reference HENRY HOOK HOPE TO HERE FROM YOU SOON
29th July 2002Troy Laue
Myself being very interested in British colonial wars, have never understood why Colour Sergeant Bourne ,was never awarded the Victoria Cross for Gallantry for his actions at Rorke's Drift.
28th July 2002joseph makenzie
as a big fan of the film i decided to log on and explore some of the heroes of the battle a little deeper. Some of the facts i found were very intweresting and made for pleasent reading.
23rd July 2002Gary Bilodeau
As my daughter is now visiting Natal while studying wildlife ecology at Texas A&M University, I am following her travels on a daily basis via the internet. I remembered the movie which I had first seen as a teenager. The movie and story made a huge impression on me. At the time I likened the story to the heroic defenders of Texas' most hallowed shrine, the Alamo. I have just today bought a VHS of Zulu to present to my daughter upon her return home.
23rd July 2002Martin Everett
For Bill Gibbs
Cpl W W Allen VC was born in Belford Moor, West of Bridge, Northumberland (according to the 1851 Census). Belford is 14m/23Km SE of Berwick.
23rd July 2002Gus Hubert - Hackettstown, NJ USA
Your Site is quite WONDERFUL. Thank-you very much !
22nd July 2002Leigh Tarrant
Just a thought-an old thought....Does anyone remember seeing the re release of 'ZULU' in about 1972 at the Casino Cinerama in old compton Street London?? That did the film justice...(a very wide 70mm slightly curved screen)....Why don't they re lease the film again to a new generation of film fans????
Nice thoughts, nice times back then, and the movie ran for at least eight weeks!!! It would be great to see this movie back on the cinema circuit again. Even more re-release movie posters of the film to collect then!!!
21st July 2002Bill Gibbs
Could someone please let me know the exact village that Corporal Allen was born in near Berwick-Upon Tweed.
21st July 2002Ian Bedford
If you are thinking of visiting the battlefields of Zululand I recommend the superb Babanango Valley Lodge, Babanango. Host John Turner is qualified and excellent guide.
18th July 2002Lee Stevenson

In answer to your question yes there are 'current living relatives' of JH Reynolds, VC
18th July 2002Heather
Surgeon James Henry Reynolds. I am trying to find out if there are any current living relatives of the above. If so please reply via this page of website
18th July 2002Heather
In reply to Steve Hook I suggest, when looking up your family tree, you start with yourself and work backwards. As a great great granddaughter of the man all the information we have about him shows that his only grandson with the surname Hook died childless.
11th July 2002STEVE HOOK
Only recently found this website very interesting,about five years ago I decided to research my family history obviously as Henry Hook is the most famous Hook I know of I decided to start with him,the first thing that struck me upon looking at his photograph is the remarkable likeness to myself ,in fact the lirarian whooshowed me the book and saw is picture actually commemted on it.I originally wrote to a Family History Society in Gloucetershire and they told me that they had no knowledge of Henry Hook living in London where my family originated from,your wesite has told me different he lived in Sydenham SE my family come from SE London making me think even more there is a strong family connection!If there is anyone elsewho can throw any light on the matter plase "e" mailme at [email protected]
11th July 2002Steve Fisher
This is a great website. The movie "Zulu" is the greatest war film ever created. I have it on DVD.
9th July 2002David Phillips
Had a great day at Brecon last week...Thanks to Adrian, Ian and the hard work of the staff.
8th July 2002Gary Laliberty
Hi Peter,
Say, the "NEW" Official Merchandise is Great. I think I may get some,but one thing. Me and the 'lads' here across the 'Big Pond' (read the Atlantic Ocean), in the USA. Need to known 'what' is the equivalent in U. S. Dollars, for the things you are selling.
Thanks, Gary
8th July 2002Steve Netley
An excellent site, and a extremely humbling experience.
7th July 2002cindy thomas
I have a book, copyrighted 1911, written by a Horace Smith, who I believe to be General Sir Horace Lockwood Smith-Dorrien, called "The War Maker". I can't seem to find out anything about this book, including worth or background. Can you help?
6th July 2002Tom Roberts
I have been informed by Richard Roynon,Treasurer of The Gunner Evans Memorial Fund of the donation made by Mr Alan Critchley.I wish to thank him on behalf of the family for his most generous donation to the fund for the restoration of the memorial to a defender of Rorke's Drift and Varteg cemetery which was recently vandalised.
3rd July 2002Joseph L. Matthews
Bravo. A truly outstanding site.
2nd July 2002John Sweetman
Had the pleasure of visiting the Zulu War Battle fields in 2000 when in South Africa to commemorate The Anglo-Boer War and the part played in it by the men from Western Australia.
2nd July 2002gary hooks
superb site, i have watched the film on countless occasions. and have been
captivated by the history surrounding the zulu wars, since first seeing zulu in the 60s.
would like to recommend IAN knights book ....nothing remains but to fight
30th June 2002peter john
brilliant site i have visited this site for the last 3days(excellent)i have also just been to see the grave of private samuel pitt b company these were brave men.i say again excellent site
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