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26th June 2003Frank Gutierrez
I've just visited for the first time. Great site. I've also just watched the movie "Zulu" for what seems the 50th time. It was interesting to compare Hollywood's intpretation of Rorke's Drift versus the actual.
A salute to alll the men who died there.
24th June 2003kelvin jones
if your in the uk and in one part which is more beautiful than all the rest [south wales ] pop in to the museum in the town of brecon where its dedicated to the battle and most of the men who fought there were from the area. we have a form of new zealand "haka". from the battle it goes "come on down you zulu warrior come on down you zulu cheif .chief am byth [ wales forever ]
24th June 2003Samuel smithington
As TONY the Tiger would say, "This site is grrrrreeeeeeaaaattttt!"
23rd June 2003mugu
nice site keep up.
23rd June 2003Jim Marino
Just stumbled onto this cite like Schiess stumbled into the battle. A fascinating cite. Have always considered the movie in my top five list. My son, Kirby (age 9 now) have viewed the film endlessly for the past two years. He and I have read the numerous books on the battle and have built a diaorama of the battle. I have long thought this battle is a great reflection of the two cultures, two military systems, and one depiction of brave men in battle. This cite is one which will remain in my favorites list and will be used in my classroom when we study this era in European History classes. Well Done
Jim Marino
22nd June 2003morgan h dunbar
just cannot stay away from this site.These were very brave men. God Bless them.
19th June 2003Ralph Jones
My great grandfather Private Garret Haydon lost his life @ RORKE'S DRIFT, his regiment was 2nd/24th British South Wales .
Good Website....Informative.
19th June 2003Simon Copley
Visited this site and now I'm Hooked, Hitched, Bourne along with rapture and astounded at the Witt. It's great!!!
16th June 2003Michael Kennedy
What an excellent site! Thank you for sharing this information and honoring these brave men.
15th June 2003David Magee
Having found the Zulu films a most powerful and thought provoking duo over the past few years, and having recently attended a lecture by the current owner of Rorke's Drift, it seems there is one clear lesson; viz, that macro politico-imperial machinations (British and Zulu) pale in the light of the great honour and self-sacrifice that characterised the combatants of all hues in the Anglo-Zulu conflicts.

I feel that the famous films depicting two of the three major engagements in this conlfict deal sensitively with the plight of the humble foot soldier. Moreover, far from being an inane glorification of the imperial conflict, a sense of waste and common humanity is evident.

Rousseau write that "Man is born free; and everywhere he is in chains." These battles perhaps go to show that the common man of both the Zulu and British nations was a pawn in an imperial game that strengthened the links in the chain of such hierarchical inequality.

15th June 2003andy goodwin
wow, it seems we owe alot to a film, it seems to have made us thrist for more info, and maybe an old photo in a attic, which soilder would we like to be? we live in our dreams of such bravary.
14th June 2003Justin Somerset
The most comprehensive site on Rorke's Drift I've seen! I have been doing some hobby wargamming and it has been invaluable as a source for not only that but movie fans and history buffs as well. Properly celebrates the efforts of these brave men. It is a long way from the burning deserts of Arizona, but I hope to go one day. And now I will be well prepared.
14th June 2003Nick Gruman
Great site love it.
14th June 2003Ben Cole
A fantastic sight, what more can I say
14th June 2003Malcolm Hitch
Excellent site, means a lot to me.
13th June 2003Adi Roche
I am about to go to Pretoria on a business trip. My only hope is that I am able to stand on the peice of land where men on both sides of a, perhaps pointles yet honorable conflict took place.
12th June 2003sam williams
keep this site a' goin! i luv it! up the spirit!
8th June 2003Barry Robertson
Always been a fan of both movies and this site proved very informative. Excellent!
5th June 2003Joe Walters
Still a marvoulous site! Ive missed it so much since ive been sick. I'll be sure to come back every day from now on! Later chaps! Keep up the great work Chaps!
J. Walters
3rd June 2003Richard Dunn
This is certainly a great web site. The history
of the struggle between the British and the
Zulu has fascinated me for years. "Zulu" and
"Zulu Dawn" are indeed excellent movies.
1st June 2003Clive Reddin
Excellent site! All the information one could ask for at one's fingertips.

Well done!!
30th May 2003jock
SEE told you i had to keep comming back !!
so much to learn here .. great site

all the best to all you Zulu fans .
25th May 2003Robyn Dowsett
Fabulous website. Beautifully designed, easy to navigate, and jam-packed with so much information! I've always been interested in the Battle of Rorke's Drift and when I came across your site I was in heaven! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
24th May 2003Shane Flynn
I'm trying to establish the movements of my Great Great Grandfather, pvt Francis Flynn 1-24/362 on the 22/23 January 1879.
24th May 2003john seager
wow, what a great site!
I thought that only my family was interested in this incredible episode in history, how wrong could I be!! A fitting tribute to those outstanding souls that held fast against overwhelming odds. superb site.
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