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27th April 2006Judy Clitheroe
Brilliant site! I am here because today I found that my daughter Laura's Maths tutor, Sharon Payne, who played as a child in the backyard of my great aunt, Florence O'Neill's (nee Toplis b.1895) home in Bowen Queensland Australia, who arrived in Australia in 1910 with her Family including my grandmother, Beatrice Toplis (b.1897, who married Stanley Wright), and headed by her mother, Louisa Toplis (nee Frodsham - born Birmingham 1870, married Chorlton-on-Medlock 1888, died Bowen 1954, who is daughter of Elizabeth Frodsham (Snr) who married Pte William Jones VC in 1901!

- "The 6 Degress of Separation" LIVES!

Now, my daugter's tuitor, Sharon's mother was present TODAY when Sharon's relationship with my great aunt is remembered. Sharon's mother remembers the O'Neill's attending the Bowen Premiere of ZULU for free "...because Flo was related to Pte Jones VC depicted in the movie!"

What a day 27 April 2006 has been!

Judy Clitheroe (nee Wright)
Gold Coast City Queensland
23rd April 2006Dean Yarney
A fantastic site! i am working my way through it slowly to absorb the incredible detail,keep up the great work!.
22nd April 2006Everett Sharp
Excellent site, I especially liked the review of the film Zulu Dawn. Yes, very PC but a BRILLIANT film.
22nd April 2006Henry Weller
Thank you for the wealth of information available on this site to people such as myself
who have a fascination with this subject. Your hard work and dedication is appreciated and is a lasting tribute to the brave and heroic men both black and white who fought this historic action.
18th April 2006alex dunne
walter a dunne is my great great great grandfather
16th April 2006Belly
Great site.Went to the RRW Museum at Brecon yesterday. Well worth a visit.
16th April 2006Dale Bronczyk
Great work. Have always wanted to learn more about this event in history. THANK YOU.
14th April 2006george harris
On may the 3rd next we will be commemorating Private Thomas Collins of Camrose,Haverfordwest, who fought in the famous battle of "Rorkes Drift" in 1879,It starts at Camrose Community Centre at 1.30pm , the moves to Haverfordwest for a second Sevice and March past of Military & RBL Personnel this starts at 3.00pm . Everyone welcome especially Veterans
11th April 2006Denis Calvert
Lost for words - Wonderful, Thanks.
9th April 2006Laura Alexander
Thank you so much for all your effort and pictures and putting this together. I learned of Rorke's Drift from the film and was interested in seeing what happened to everyone afterwards. I was surprised at how young some of them were, compared to how they appeared in the film, especially the doctor.
7th April 2006steve roberts
really interesting site and very informative, many thanks for the insight
6th April 2006Avandia
Oh! very nice site!
4th April 2006Hugh Martyr
Good site and much enjoyed. Visiting Rorkes Drift this coming January and have gathered valuable information.
3rd April 2006Colin Russell
First time on site looks good. Is there anything about singers and song Men of Harlech.
27th March 2006Larry Johnson
Great website
25th March 2006Chris Farr
Just come back from trip to Isandlwana and Rorkes Drift and noted what could be one of my relatives on the Rorkes Drift grave memorial. As my family originate from Wales he could have been a relative of my great grandfather (or even before). Does anyone have any information about Pte J Farr or point me in the right direction for carrying out my own research.

23rd March 2006sean
i bet i have watched the film zulu more than any one in England i watch it about 2 - 3 times a week. if i get carried away i watch it like 4 times a day for like 4 days solid! i must have watched it about 100 - 200 - 300 times. i know ever word what every person says off by heart!
21st March 2006Sandy
Cool Pretty nice site!Man, You Rock!
21st March 2006Neil Gieleghem
A truly excellent site, right down to the "A Zulu Perspective." Many thanks for your efforts.

20th March 2006kenneth williams
This battle has fasinated me foryears,the courage of these men with the odds stacked against them is seconed to none Well done to this web site for answering everthing Thanks
17th March 2006Ed Shone
Fantastic web site. This has always been a subject close to my heart and this site answers every question I could ask and more. Thank you.
12th March 2006KEITH BARKER
Absolutely first class website the best ive come across toataly a1
well done
12th March 2006Andrew Thomas
For George Harris, thank you for the information George. Do you know the date for the ceremonies as i would like to attend.
11th March 2006David marshall
I have four dress medals and a hip flask belonging to a officer who fought in rorkes drift 1879,Second afghan war [general roberts] , Egyptian medal [suez canal general gordan] and Egypt star [khedives]. Is there any one who reconise him
10th March 2006John Tate
I just had to comment on this site. It is magnificent and gives a real eye-opening view of the events that took place during these two battles. I have a Zulu assegai (not from the battles, I might add, but still interesting to own). I found the section that gave further details of the lives (and deaths) of the VC winners extremely interesting. All in all I would rate this site 10/10 - Well Done
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