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1st May 2001Skip Tusa
Great site. Have seen the movie Zulu and Zulu Dawn many times.
29th April 2001Tony Costello
Enjoyed the site very much. I have enjoyed the tpic since seeing "ZULU" in my high school Victorian Era class.
28th April 2001David Sullivan
Brilliant web site, informative and interesting, i will be visiting Frank Bournes Grave site at Elmers End,
25th April 2001Vernon Vidamour
Great site, a good slice of history not to be forgotten.
I have lived in sa and visited rorkesdrift myself in 1983, but your sight has given me much more in the way of facts (though the visit was worth more than any words). For what its worth a couple of my freinds were extras in zulu dawn!
From your sight here too, you have prompted me to try and visit one of the defenders graves in preston (if its still there) as i live not far away.
Great info......great reading and thank you for shareing it all here.
25th April 2001andrew walker
i found the site using i think the site is absolutely brilliant full of good storys and information welldone
24th April 2001Ernie Phillips
Found your site from a friend in the USA, excellent reading. I have a cutting from the Adelaide (South Australia) Advertiser newpaper under the heading 'The Way we Were' reprinting an article dated 1897(July21)which reads'Probably the only holder of the VC in Adelaide is Private William Jones..who received the distinction in connection with the gallant defence of Rorke's Drift...Mr Jones joined the Welsh Fusiliers about 1847. He went to the Crimea. He fought in the battle of Alma and was present with the famous 600 in the charge at Balaclava where he was severely wounded after saving the life of Lord George Paget. In South Africa he joined the 24th Regiment at the outbreak of the Zulu war and was present with his Company at Rorke's Drift where he won the Victoria Cross. Mr Jones left the army and came to Melbourne about 16 years ago, removing to South Australia in 1890, whence he went to Port Darwin. He returned to Adelaide last year'
22nd April 2001charles haynes
Found your site as a result of visting the guestbook of the glostersfordean web site.
Being an ex member of the Welch Regt.I was naturally intersted in the obvious content of your site (from it's URL. I was in Korea with the Welch and am a member of the Middlesex Branch BKVA,
for who I manage a web site, 'of sorts'. There is a link to a 'My Experiences With The Welch Regt'site that also manage.
I am keen to have on that site a link to your site, for obvious reasons.The 24th. a foot and all that. I'd be interested in your response
C. H.
16th April 2001Bob Studabaker
Just a great website of a great battle. The pictures of the defenders and their stories are just great. Again a great site to honor their memory, the will never be forgotten.
16th April 2001Rex Thompson
Found this site with Copernic and can only say, "Absolutely Brilliant" The research and effort deserves all the plaudits already submitted and many,many more. Excellent beyond words. I wish othet military sites very even half as good.
16th April 2001William Kurtz
As a "yank" who loved the "movie" Zulu I was naturally drawn to this site. (Altavista helped out a bit too) This is a great site with some nice comparisons of the movie to reality and because of this site I have checked out a few books about Ishandlwana and RD at the library, and have bought a few more. Well done, for as one visitor mentioned it is diffucult to find this type of information in the USA.
12th April 2001Philip Moores
What a superb site - thank-you for an excellent read. Does anyone out there know anyone who was involved in the making of the movie Zulu? I'm doing research for a project and I'd really appreciate the help.
10th April 2001Cllr Peter Ayres
Good report on Saturday 7th April event, well done.
Peter Ayres
Cllr. from London Borough of Bromley (one of the other photographers)
9th April 2001Rob Glennen
A wonderful site on a fascinating subject .
9th April 2001Peter Carter
I was very pleased to read about the Blue Plaque
erected to honour C.Sgt Bourne.
It's a pity we don't honour more of our hero's
in this way.
8th April 2001John K Colin
A Brilliant site, the best I have seen on this subject.
7th April 2001Brian Turner
Excellent site. There is never enough sites like this. "LEST WE FORGET" These are events that we should all be proud to remember
7th April 2001F. Peacock
A most interesting site, very moving, and a wonderful tribute to all those who served at Rorkes Drift.
1st April 2001K. Chappell
I enjoyed this excellent site, Mainly because my grandfather told me since i was a kid that is grandfather died at the battle.Thats all he told me is name was Garret Hayden, he was Irish and lived in Brecon my grandfather died two years ago and last year i decide to find out has much as i could about Garret Haydon, i know now that he died in the hsopital he was a drummer and from John Street Brecon, but if their is any experts out there could give me more info about G hayden i would be greatful.
30th March 2001Malcolm Hamilton
I am the Vice President of The Victoria Welsh Male Voice Choir based in Melbourne Australia and came across this excellent site whilst conducting research on the Zulu movie. We are planning to stage a Concert concurrent with the movie. I would greatly appreciate your thoughts on the concept.That is a 60 man Welsh Male Voice Choir singing at appropriate times during the movie.
24th March 2001Slet Varthash
Outstanding site !! Enjoyed every bit of it. Does great honour to those
brave soldiers; on both sides.
24th March 2001David Bell
Brilliant site. After watching the film Zulu I had always wanted to find out more information on the brave British soldiers who fought at Rorkes Drift. This web site has provided excellent information; I now have a better and more accurate insight into the events and people surrounding Rorkes Drift. Some of my less intelligent friends who like many people believe and take in the re-written history of the media sadly this leads them to believe things like it was a welsh regiment mostly made up of welsh soldiers who won Rorkes Drift and that the Americans captured the Enigma code and won the war single hand-idly and other false stories created by the media (especially American war films who take away British glories and victories and Americanise them because the yanks donít have hardly any glories of their own). This will allow me to settle arguments with some of my friends about Rorkes Drift once and for all. Thank you.
23rd March 2001Laura Knibb
What a wonderful site! I have been fascinated by the story of Rorkes Drift ever since I stumbled across the movie Zulu on T.V. one Saturday afternoon. I had found it difficult to find any printed information in the U.S.A., and had always wondered what had happened to the defenders. Thank you for providing the story behind the story.

20th March 2001Winston S. Stone
Great site. Excellent, or as you say over ther Brilliant!! It gives you all the infomation you always wanted on the events and people involved with Roukes Drift. Dispells the myths started by Zulu. Still a great movie, sorry film, nontheless. Oh I have two Martini Henrys in my collection.
19th March 2001Robert Harmon
Found the website while looking for Martini Henry information. Truly outstanding! As with many others I never tire of watching the movie Zulu. Always marvel at the courage displayed by the British soldier. Still looking for my Martini Henry.

Robert Harmon
19th March 2001christine baker
thank you for information on a relation i had only heard about from older family members my relation was a hero and i didnt realise it
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