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28th October 2003Patrick Stanton
Outstanding site. Extremely interesting, informative and educational. Good work by all involved.
26th October 2003Chris Gillibrand
Is Lieutenant Nevill Coghill any relation of Neville Coghill, sometime don of Exeter College Oxford.
23rd October 2003Bob
Superb site. Very interesting and well very done.
21st October 2003Heather
I wish to apologise for the duplicate message about the BBC programme. When I checked this site on the 17th there was no message from the BBC. Still better told twice than not at all.
18th October 2003Heather
Earlier this year the BBC left a message on this site for interested parties to contact them about a program they intended making about Rorkes Drift. This will be shown on Friday 24/10/03 on BBC 2 at 9.00pm or 21.00hrs BST, and is part of the 'Timewatch' series.
17th October 2003Elizabeth Kolton
I had the good fortune of seeing the motion picture, "Zulu," many years ago. It is the only motion picture I have ever wanted to see more than once! I am using the Battle at Rork's Drift for one of my english composition essays in comparison and contrast with the Battle of the Little Big Horn (General Custer's Last Stand), in which he attempts to hold of the Sioux Indian Nation with a handful of United States Cavalry soldiers. However, in this battle, the Sioux Indian Nation was victorious, and the soldiers were all killed.

Additionally, my daughter-in-law's family is related to Lt. Chard. I am honored, priviledged and at the same time humbled by the enormous scope of Lt. Chard's logic and reasoning (because he was an engineer), which ultimately led to a win for the british in 1879!
17th October 2003Mina Panic
Zulu - The True Story
BBC Timewatch starts its new series with Zulu - The True Story showing on Friday 24th of October 2003 on BBC 2 at 9pm
15th October 2003Jenni
I'm 17 and went on a Wilderness Trust expedition to South Africa last July, during which time we spent a day at Rorkes Drift. We had a fabulous lecture by one of the men that works there who told the story so well it almost felt like we were witnessing the battle. This site is fantastic, and brings back all the memories. I hope to visit South Africa again soon, and if i do, i will definately be visiting Rorkes Drift.
13th October 2003parker
excellent site chap. it's a very fine history reference. and well built!
12th October 2003Michael Brookes
An excellent site. Fantastic for all Zulu War enthusiasts. I am going to South Africa in November and will visit Rorkes Drift, Isandlwana, Fugitive's Drift, The Prince Imperials Monument and Ulundi. Will also take in Shaka's Memorial at Stanger. The information contained in this site has set the standard for my visit. Many thanks to the site owners.
9th October 2003Jimmy O'Neill
a very good site but i cannot help but feel that it is a slightly tainted 'zulu perspective'.
7th October 2003m morgan
where can i find a list of all people who fought at rorkes drift cos my great grandad fought here and i cant find him listed. he was sgt.morgan. sorry , i dont know his first name.
great site ty
5th October 2003Darren
Wow,what a site! I used to serve in the Assault Pioneer Plt, 1Royal Welch Regiment. Its a TA battalion and was formed by the amalgamation of RRW and RWF in 1999 just before I joined. When I was a Cdt I used to read about Rorkes Drift and talk about it with Cdts now, as I'm an Instructor, and even they show it the greatest respect, honour and PRIDE as I have all these years. To top it off my daughter was born on Wednesday 22nd January this year. Anyway keep up the great work, it's FAB!!
3rd October 2003Alan Eaton
I must have watched the film ZULU at least 20 times.The film was used on my subject 1 for Cpl as a leadership film.Colour Sgt Bourne should have been awarded the VC for leadership alone.Great web site ......cheers Alan Eaton
1st October 2003John
Brilliant site! well done. will keep me coming back. Have never tired of watching the film, brave men, stirring stuff!
1st October 2003Gary Smith
Great site the film Zulu has been my favourite film ever since i saw it in 1964, now i'm learning what really happened
30th September 2003Geoffry
please keep thus site as good as it looks, i do like this site vry much, i hope to join the british army when i get older, these chaps are britains finest, god bless teh queen.
30th September 2003pauline Vanila
Good site. I do, however, wish the movie Zulu did not have such a bad portrayal of Hook. Thank you very much.
28th September 2003Gerald Hopkins
Thank you for an interesting site. We
visited Rorke's Drift on Good Friday 2002 but
found the museum closed. It is also closed
on Christmas Day. We hope to visit again
in November and your information on Dundee is worth knowing.
We are going to a lecture at a local hotel (in Wales) given by David Rattray on the Battlefields and very much looking forward to it.
Thank you again.
27th September 2003aden
thanks for all the info im doing a project on zulu the movie and couldnt find anything on it so cheers!!
27th September 2003Phil Scott
I have been a massive fan of the film since a young age, but have always wanted to know more about the events of 1879.

This site is fantastic and it brings it home to you what those Great men did for this Great island.

23rd September 2003Dan McCormick
For so long I have being trying to get info on this powerful battle. Your sight has answered all of the questions that I had.
Having been in combat myself in Vietnam,
I would have been proud to stand beside any of those brave and gallant men on any day.
22nd September 2003Sean Hurley
Very interesting site, and the many links & cross-references are very helpful. Well done. I also salute the courage of the men at RD. A stout-hearted rifleman in the red uniform is a formidable warrior, indeed.
19th September 2003Jillomane McTinkler
a very interesting site
19th September 2003Eduardo Ratti
Excelente sitio!. La historia es interesantísima. Well done!. Saludos desde Asunción, Paraguay (South America)
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