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2nd December 2001Dave
Great site about brave men who attacked the Zulus! I love this site! Good Job! Keep up the good work! Have fun! You do a great job! Have a nice day! Superb!
29th November 2001trevor denham
my father is a great admirer of the defense at rorke's drift, and as a kid we always watched the film zulu together. wo whenever i can find something for him about the battle, i try to get it for him. your website has been very helpful for me, in finding information, especially the transcripts of the account, since i will be drawing portraits of the men with the comments behind them. i just want to say thank you for the website and all of its information.
29th November 2001Chloe Hitch
This is a really cool site, its nice to know i can find my family history on the web when i go looking. These people and people like them deserved to be remembered.
27th November 2001keith ralph
very impressive,very moving.It as always been a story that fasinated me and to see the sites as they are now was so good.Excellent.
27th November 2001John Lindly
I really enjoyed this site very much! Please keep up the good work.
24th November 2001Dan Rudary
Great Site! I have always been interested in military history, but I have recently become interested in the 1879 Zulu War. This site really provided me with some great information! First Class!
22nd November 2001Stanley Keymer
Found the pages of great interest, as I am reading about the Zulu wars

20th November 2001Neil Anderson
What a fabulous and fascinating site !! The content is brilliant and I find myself spending Hours when I visit.
I too sat in awe in a picture theatre as a young boy as the Zulus came over the hill to Rorke's Drift for the last time ! I fascinate (!?) my family with regular viewing of my worn-out Zulu video and quotes from the film and on one occassion they presented me with a copy of the Alphonse de Neuville print which I have in my study!
An update for your newsletter perhaps.. I tried to follow the link on the Twilyt Productions strategy game (Feb 2001 newslwtter) and it could not find a server. A search led me to a game magazine which has an announcement (dated July 2001) that production had stopped due to financial difficulties.
Congratulations again.. I'll be back to visit !
19th November 2001JEFF NICHOLS
Having searched for years,and now finally found a site that delivers the goods on Rorkes Drift,I've got to say the site and its info are first class.
14th November 2001matty
this is a cool site man
11th November 2001Glyn Alun Thomas
10th November 2001James Logan
Please allow me to correct my spalling "wonderful"
10th November 2001James Logan
A wodeful experience. I first saw Zulu as a training film when I was a recruit with 2Cmdo. You have given me such valuable information on the courage and dedication of those men who fought at Rorke's Drift. Thank you for all your efforts in the preparation of this site.
8th November 2001William Ashton
Excellent website. I have read every account of this battle that I can lay my hands on. I have never been able to visit the site, but thanks to your website I can do the next best thing!
7th November 2001Lawrence Graystone
A most informatve site for those of us who have maintained a fascination of this heroic passage of warfare
l must say that as a young recruit in the Australian Army in the mid 70's, the motion picture Zulu, was heavily used as THE training example on the subject of leadership. One is heartened of course, that after 25 years of military service, l still look up to the Colour Sergeant as an inspirational leader of men. My only sadness is, l never served under him or met him.
A very fine well done to all who maintain this site
5th November 2001Ed Owens

This is directed mainly at Victorian reenactors/living historians on this side of the Atlantic, but anyone is welcome to offer an opinion.

All over the U.S. and Canada there are individuals and small groups who do some kind Victorian living history. Would any of you be interested in coming to a national event?

Here in Texas, a very central location, we have any number of great locations. If I could get some idea of what you are looking for my friends and I would consider hosting an event.

Let me hear from you.
Ed Owens

1st November 2001Alan Critchley

If there is an afterlife, how will we recognise you?

31st October 2001Michael D Carroll
Brilliant site. Brilliant film! I was a small boy of ten when I first saw this magnificent film. I thought then , as I still think now how much I wanted to have been there with those brave soldiers, and if I had to die in battle, in what better company could I have been? I cried tears of pride as a lad when I heard the defiant, yet poignant rendition of 'Men of Harlech'; it still brings a lump to my throat and a tear to my eye even now, some thirty nine years later.
The site is truly excellent and very illuminating. It makes one proud to be British and proud of the history of the British Army.
Only one word for the Zulus who fought at the battle and in the film; Magnificent!
if there is a afterlife i will look some of you up
29th October 2001Daniel Kosinski
I'm sorry, I meant to say may
God bless your web site,not my. Also may God bless 24th Welsh Regiment.
29th October 2001Steve Thomson
There have been many poignant moments in history, perhaps some no more graphically accounted for then the 24th's action in Natal Spare a moment for those who have given their lives, regardless of our beliefs, fears or insecurities. The actions and sacrifices o the men of the 24th foot, Welsh Regiment, in any theatre, should be remebered and praised. Their lives contributed to our lives today, even 100, 200 more years ago. Thier actions shaped the world, not the politicians. I would rather one silent moment with those who have given than those who take. Perhaps one day their sacrifice will mean something to the rest of the world. With wishes for a future for us all, god bless the me of the Welsh Regiment and of all regiments, past and present
28th October 2001Daniel Kosinski
I enjoy your web site.

God bless America and
God save the Queen!
28th October 2001Daniel Kosinski
My God bless your web site.
26th October 2001JAMES H. ROUSE
25th October 2001dan
cool site
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