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21st May 2003grame spence
good site. thanks
21st May 2003jock
Great site , i have to keep comming back !!!
plenty to read and see... maybe one day ill visit
Rokes drift ( dreaming again ).
ive just got Zulu Dawn & the Zulu DVD release to watch again ( yippee )so im happy.....all the best folks .
20th May 2003John Oxford
The Defense of Rorkes Drift will never be forgotten as long as great sites like this keep the memory alive, Well done long may you keep the spirit alive.
17th May 2003leon heal
Hi, a relative of my wife's was supposedly the bugler - has anyone any idea what was his name? Thanks.
15th May 2003Brian T Lynch
great site. Have seen both movies nurmeous times. Have read, I believe, Ian Knight's book on Rorkes Drift. Keep it up, gents
13th May 2003sam williams
good site. rorkes drift is the battle that makes ya think! thanks for a great site. up the spirit!
11th May 2003J CUNNINGHAM
Loved the film and this site.My grandchildren must know every word in the film by now,and have thoroughly enjoyed visiting The Borderers Museum and the Cathedral at Brecon
11th May 2003Mattthew Eggerton
Some people say the internet is full of usless tosch, but this site proves that it can be interesting, stimulating and factual. Wonderful site thanks to Chard's map as it helps to show really what happened. Can't wait for the redesign!!!
10th May 2003Russell Penrhyn Jones
What a great website, I am so interested in the story of Rorkes drift and the bravery of all those men.
7th May 2003stc.Dorset
I have been a fan of the film for sometime but have only just found this sight. Its great & a superb monument to the brave men that fought in the battle.
Thank you.
6th May 2003Alexander Hook.
Congratulations on such an excellent and comprehensive website.
5th May 2003Ron Harris
Congratulations on a first class web site.I am an ex Royal Engineerand plus an avid reader of militairy history, discovered your site and find it difficult to switch off.I am the present Chairman of the Bomb Disposal Branch Royal Engineers Ass.
5th May 2003John
Fantastic site. But lets not forget those natives that died too. They died as heros too, and not just the British. I hope that the graves of the Zulu has a gravestone too, as mentioned by Hook in his report. The stiff upper lip and sheer courage of the Victorian soldier did indeed prove effective against overwhelming odds. Salute to the soldiers past and present.
5th May 2003P.S. Buckley
Although born in Dublin, LT. Coghill's family come from Castletownshend in West Cork, which is about 50 miles SW of Cork city, in the Republic of Ireland. There is a memorial to Lt. Coghill in St. Barrahane's, the local C of I (Anglican) church in the village.
5th May 2003james
I am doing some research into the Adendorff family. In particular does anyone know of a connection between Lt James Adendorff of Rorkes Drift fame and Trooper HJC Adendorff of the Umvoti mounted rifles who took part in the Natal 1906 campaign to suppress the poll tax riots.
1st May 2003John Sutton
My great grandfather was Private Samuel Wassall, he won his VC at Isandhlwana. As a child I had a copy of The Victor which told his story, sadley I no longer have this. Many great stories emerge from this period of history and I am proud to be connected to it.
1st May 2003Tim
i just purchased the "Zulu Dawn" movie, i have had it for only 3 weeks and i have watched it at least 8 times, great film......
30th April 2003David Croskery-Erichsen
I have just returned from a lengthy visit to S.Africa and was lucky enough to visit both Isandhlwana, Rorkes Drift and Fugitives Drift with an excellent guide (unfortionatly not David Rattray !). I was utterly taken a back by the incredible stories of valour, both from the British troops and the Zulu impi. The battlefields themselves have an awesome effect on the visitor and will stay with me for ever. An excellent site. I'm sure I'll be a regular visitor.
30th April 2003wayne hawkins
read hooks letter and others great great britons wish we had these people around still i would so love to of been around when you could be proud to be english we need more britons like those god bless them all
27th April 2003kevin heslop
just found the sit great, after reading hooks
report on the battle he was badly portrte in the filmZULU KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK
26th April 2003Morgan H Dunbar
I think that one of my relations was at the battle,1421 Pvt Dunbar.The story in the family was that he shot 9 zulus with 9 shots.Great Web site.God Love youall Scotland Forver.Morgan
26th April 2003Neil Reynolds
i recently discovered i am related to James Heny Reynolds via my grandfather
26th April 2003stamps124
I Have Seen The Film Several Times,And Would Love To Go To The Battle Site Of Those
Courageous Men. I Have Learnt So Much From
This Web Site,Which Is Excellent.
25th April 2003 Alan Webb
Great Site, and of great interest to me, as I was attached to the South Wales Borderers at the barracks in Brecon, as Armourer(REME)in 1953/54. A great regiment and I am proud and honored to have served with them. I visit the Barracks and Museum whenever I am in Wales which is about every 3 years, as I now live in Canada.....Alan Webb
24th April 2003Richard Naude
Brilliant website!
I live in Newport, South Wales which is not far from Brecon where the Monmouthshire Borderers were based.

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