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28th April 2004Michael Type
Thank you for the valuable information provided which will aid the efforts of the Royal British Legion Swiss Branch to have a plaque displayed in Burgdorf, Berne, to the memory of Corporal Friedrich Schiess.

Michael Type
RBL Swiss Branch
28th April 2004Edward (Ted) Davidson
Canadian military (Sigs) retd. I check in about once a month. Best site anywhere. Compliments on preserving so much valuable information on these immortal actions. (Still hoping to get there one day). Real guts, real soldiers. Terrific website.
Velox Versutus Vigilans
24th April 2004B. Allen
A truly fasinating site, a big thank you for all your efforts.
23rd April 2004Tony Jones
I purchased an artists' proof of William Jones VC from Cranfield fine arts it now hangs proudly,framed,in my living room.I hope to visit the museum in the autumn,then i will purchase the same poster for my dad and make a small donation to the museum.
18th April 2004James Ashley
I've been a 'fan' of this portion of British history since reading "Washing of The Spears' many years ago.
Great site!
17th April 2004Ruben Casas
I have been interested in Rorke's Drift from the time i saw the movie Zulu 30 years ago.
The information on this site is outstanding.
When my son goes to High School, I would hope he would be able to do a report/project on Rorke's Drift. The history of what took place on January 22 1879 should never be forgotten.
16th April 2004Guy Manly
A very informative site, well presented and easy to navigate
14th April 2004sarah
i am so glad i have found this site, it is excellent.
13th April 2004Jon Zurit
excellent material
10th April 2004Charles Zimmerman
I found this site very useful with my research
9th April 2004Robert Warburton
Excellent website, I have been interested in Rorke's Drift since I was a kid, I'd love to visit one day. Every time I watch the film and hear "Men of Harlech" Im overcome with emotion.
7th April 2004Rachel Wojtanowski
Very organized and excellent website
7th April 2004Brian McGuire
Excellent website. I work at Georgetown Universty which interestingly uses "Men of Harlech" as its alma amter.
7th April 2004Brian McGuire
Excellent website. I work at Georgetown Universty which interestingly uses "Men of Harlech" as its alma amter.
6th April 2004brian robinson
first class website i feel i almost know these brave men from our past
4th April 2004Ken Budesky
To echo others, a beautiful site. Hearing "Men of Harlech sung in the church made my heart skip a beat or two. Might a shirt be available with a "you slovenly soldier" motto? I dropped a bayonet while performing a salute as a reenactor and heard that very phrase from the rear rank. It was difficult to maintain a solumn expression.

Thanks - Ken from Michigan, USA
30th March 2004James Scott
What a great (and literate site). When I was a child my grandfather told me that when he was a lawyer in the Brecon area there was always a man claiming to be a Rorkes Drift VCbegging in the street. Who can this have been.
30th March 2004jamie windridge
Hello, i am trying to find out more on a officer who fought a rorke's drift in 1879. His name was Seargeant joseph windridge, am wandering if you have any information on him; just trying to establish if he is an ancestor, please could you help. Thank you Jamie Windridge.
27th March 2004Kate Durnford
Dear Rorksdrift,

Thank you for a lovely site. I was scouring the interent for the Durnford/Man family tree to show a friend of mine since we were discussing the possibility of being related and came across this site about my ancestor. My father researches the Durnford family tree and my Uncle is John Man and grandfather is Stephen Durnford.

Thank you for this site. It is saved in my favourites :).

Kate Durnford
27th March 2004Chris Simonis
I don't know if anyone ever mentioned this, but the Germanic war chant in the opening of the movie "Gladiator" matches the Zulu war chant in "Zulu" when the Zulu chieftan is testing the 24th's firing power at the start of the engagement.
26th March 2004Brian-St. Petersburg, Florida
I'm an American and I've been a fan of "Zulu" and Rorke's Drift since my father took me to see the movie in 1964.

This film first stirred my passion in history. Though I'm an American History major, my passion and love for English history is unsurpassed.

Great web site on a subject that is difficult to find any info on.-Brian in Florida
24th March 2004Skip Tusa
Always excellent reading. I rented "Zulu" again.
22nd March 2004philip pearce
I am the greatgrandson of Robert Jones V.C (private 716) decended through his daughter Lily Rose. My granmother was so proud of her dad,as am i ,but she would be amazed at todays technology flashing his photo around the globe at the tap of a button!
22nd March 2004Martin Crofts
I have been a fan of "Zulu" for 41 years and have been to the Anglo- Zulu war battlefields with Ian(s) Knight and Castle. One of my fellow travellers(thanks,Mark) recommended this site and I must say it is one of the best I have visited. I will be back from time to timeand in the meantime-keep up the good work!
20th March 2004Robert Banks, Jr.
This is a wonderful site for those of us who have felt starved for information about this battle. I saw the movie in the summer of 1964 at a time when was virtually a pacificist and my principal concern socially was focused on racial equality. Yet I found the movie as exciting and engaging as any I can ever remember seeing. I'm from the U.S. and had no idea there actually was such a battle until about 25 years later. When I compare it with other movies today, the recent ones don't measure up well. And, although my maternal great grandparents came to the U.S. from Manchester just after our civil war, I'd sometimes had trouble understanding why the Brits seemed to take themselves seriously. Seeing the film of this battle (even though I thought it was fiction) launched my interest and began my understanding.
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