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Friday 19th January, 2001

We arrive at Johannesburg international Airport in the morning at just after 9am, having flown for 11 hours, and are met by my Uncle Les, his wife Lynette and daughter, Caroline.

We make our way to his house in Benoni, which is "10 minutes away" - more like twenty! The temperature is in the mid-twenties which makes a pleasant change from the freezing temperatures we left behind in the UK (they had to de-ice the plane at Heathrow!).

The difference in the cultures between the UK and South Africa is difficult to spot at first glance, but becomes more apparent the more time we spend travelling towards the family's house in Benoni. There are many people walking along the roads, but every one of them is black - White people, it seems, do not walk the roads!

My Uncle's house in Benoni

When we arrive at the family house, we are rested, introduced to my cousins Greg and Alison, swim a little and imbibe a well deserved beer. We spend the day catching up on twenty years and go out in the evening to Lynette's brother's restaurant in the town - an exclusively white establishment. This doesn't particularly perturb me, but does invite the question of what problems are lying under the surface in this seemingly normal country.

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