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Saturday 27th January

Today, we planned to go to Pretoria, and set off at 10am. We first visited the house of General Jan Smuts, one of South Africa's more famous Presidents, and until recently the name-sake of the airport at Johannesburg. The British Royal Family stayed here a number of times, and photos from the period just after the war were all over the house.

We then went to a former army barracks, used during the Anglo-Boer war, where the National Servicemen's Monument is. It cuts an imposing figure. The views of Pretoria from this hill were quite spectacular.

Then, into Pretoria, and found a restaurant for some food. Not before seeing the house where Winston Churchill was imprisioned during the Anglo-Boer war. He subsequently escaped however.

We then went to see the Houses of Parliament in Pretoria. A fantastic building with splendid views of the city. Quite metropolitan really. Afterwards, drove to Church Street to see where Kruger was buried, and advanced home.

This being our last night, Matt and myself indulged in some entertainment at the Casino.

A jazz band was playing in one of the bars and we sat there 'til the wee small hours in the morning drinking Brandy and smoking fine Cigars! What a Country!

The National Servicemen's Monument


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