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Other Defenders

In addition to the eleven VCs awarded at Rorke's Drift, there were also 5 Distinguished Conduct Medals awarded, although one of these was later withdrawn for desertion. Each of these men played a vital role at the defence. George Smith, although not formally recognised for his role, is widely credited to have played a key role.

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Wales and London defenders' burial places

2459 Colour Sergeant Bourne DCM

Second-Corporal Michael McMahon DCM (DCM later withdrawn for desertion)

1542 Pte. John William Roy DCM (24th. Regt.)

24692 Second-Corporal Francis Attwood DCM (Army Service Corps)

2076 Wheeler John Cantwell DCM (Royal Horse Artillery)

George Smith (Padre)

Driver Charles John Robson

Walter Alphonsus Dunne (Assistant Commissary)

Louis Alexander Byrne (Acting Storekeeper)

George William Mabin

Sgt Henry Edward Gallagher

1061 Pte. John Jobbins

1428 Pte. Evan Jones

972 Pte. George Edwards

2381 Drummer James Keefe





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