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Part of Corporal Allen's letter to his wife
Kindly supplied by Victorian Voices

I am getting the better of my wound, more rapidly than could be expected. We got here (that is the sick and wounded) on the 26th of January, and have been waiting an ambulance to convey us down the country, which is expected every day. My arm is mending quickly, though I am sorry I cannot say the same for the other wounded men, who appear to be making no progress towards recovery. We are in a strongly entrenched fort here with two companies of the 1/24th, three of the 2/24th, detachment of the 13th, part of a company of the Royal Engineers, and a battery of Artillery.

Smith is still at Rorke's Drift, where the whole of the regiment and part of the 1/24th are assembled. Everything is quiet, and we don't expect any fighting till the arrival of troops from home. My dear wife, I trust you will feel too thankful to god for having preserved my life, to fret over what might have been a great deal worse. I feel very thankful to God for leaving me in the land of the living. Give my respects to your relatives and love to yourself and the children, from your loving husband.

4th February, 1879