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March of the Sons of Confederate Veterans

This little item was sent to us from the USA. A march with lyrics written for the Sons of Confederate Veterans to the tune of 'Men of Harlech'.

Sung to the Tune "Rhyfelgyrch Gwyr Harlech"
(March of the Men of Harlech), Battle Anthem Of Wales, Ancestral Home of William E. George, of Texas, The arranger's Confederate Ancestor.

Sons of Dixie, duty calls us.
As our fathers fought before us,
Raise your voice in mighty chorus.
Let our anthem sound!

To the colors bounding,
Our battle-song resounding,
The truth forever!
Falsehoods n'er!
The angry foe astounding!


So onward for the Southland's glory
Tell our fathers' noble story.
Their cause and ours is just and holy.
Truth will triumph yet.

When the blows around were falling,
Shot and shell from gun appalling,
Our men stood fast and now are calling
From an unknown grave.

We will not fail to answer
The only thing they ask for.
Their cause was right.
Their honor bright
Proclaim to every Southern son and daughter.


Our fathers bled and died for honor:
No constitution writ on water.
A compact firm that must not alter
At a tyrant's whim.

The Stainless Banner waving.
Our fathers' honor saving!
The truth forever!
Falsehoods n'er!
All wrongful charges braving!


Then stand when those around are quailing.
Stand! Your symbols they're assailing.
Stand! Their falsehoods unavailing,
Never furl our flag!

For our Confederate banner
And all who flew and loved her
The Southern Cross
Once thought so lost
Still flies and on will fly forever.


Lyrics and Arrangement © 1997
by James F. Chumbley
The Stainless Banner Camp, No. 1440
Sons of Confederate Veterans