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Honi Soit Qui Ma Y Prnse Thank you Mr Page! Thanks Mr. Campbell!! Many Thanks Mr. Daeche!! Thank you Mr. Campbell!
Just a small contribution to help you keep up the good work. RDVC gives me a lot of pleasure and has taught me much. You should be proud of it! Thanks Uncle Terry! I think it's wonderful that you have commemorated these heroes in this way. Best wishes. Great site keep it alive! Thanks Mr Livesey!
Many thanks Mr. Moldovan I would like to congratulate you on an excellent site, I hope that it will be online for many years to come! Great site. Love both movies. Have to get to the real sites when I am older. All the best Many thanks Frank!  (email us a comment to put here, and we'll gladly amend this!) I AM IN AWE OF THESE MEN!!! FANTASTIC SITE.
Thank you Mr Hickman! Thank you Mr Driscoll! Thanks Mr Jones! Use this for the Rorke's Drift Monument upkeep! Best of luck Peter and Alan, from the Death or Glory Boys!
Excellent site. It is so informative and rewarding to communicate with like minded people in this way. I think this website is one of the very best about military history in the internet. The defense of Rorke´s Drift 1879 was one of the most heroic actions ever. Once again my respect, honor and my support to your page.
In memory of Tony Leigh, my brother, who left us too young, a lover of the history of Rorke's Drift, who achieved his lifetime ambition and made an epic journey to that legendary place.
Thank you Mr Ramage! Thank you Mr Buss!
Please accept this donation towards a biscuit box! I do enjoy visiting your site, - It is an excellent site. I discovered about 9 months ago & I've already clocked up 145 visits. Long may it survive! I am interested in the Zulu War, and VC's in general, and find your website very good and informative. What a brilliant site, I no longer feel isolated in my main historical interest. Many thanks Mr Young, you're the FIRST!
    Many thanks Rich!    

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