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19th May 2004dear johnny mills as bartle frere in zulu dawn
By steve
"a final solutuion to the zulu problem"
the above are the words sir john mills says as he reads through the ultimatum,while peter o toole as chelmsford looks on.
was it cy enfield who wrote the screenplay,
whoever it was surely deserves a vote of censure.
the quote is calculated to let the viewer draw
comparison with the nazi holocaust,and
british intentions to the zulu,its ragged and
outrageous,its the kind of thing tony benn used to say,i.e "the british invented the
concentration camp in the boer war"
well....yes their were camps to concentrate people,sadly,but the connotation changed
in may 1945,and mr benn knew it.

did bartle frere ever say that ?,i doubt it very much.

19th May 2004John Young

If Tony Benn did say that he has made a faux pas there, I'll drop him a line and tell him so.

Actually it was the Americans who concentrated people in camps in Cuba during the Spanish-American War, which pre-dated the 2nd Anglo-Boer War.

In his novel 'Zulu Dawn' Cy Endfield actually wrote about the war bringing good government to the Zulu.

John Y.
19th May 2004steve
hi john,
tony benn said it on question time,with robin day,it was some time ago,but i remember it
well,in fact i would stake the wifes facelift money on it...........
best regards