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6th December 2001Modelling the Zulu War
By Glenn Wade
Hi. I am a thirteen year old boy who has a wide interest in the Anglo-Zulu War. I also love to recreate the battles in miniature. I am presently making a 1/72 scale diorama of Isandlwana with roughly 150 figures. Could anyone give me some scenes to cover, there are so many to choose from, Younghusband's last stand, last survior's cave etc. I would like to hear from others who model the same period. Thanks!
6th December 2001Dan Rudary
Hi Glenn,
My name is Dan Rudary and I too am 13 and I live in the USA. For the greater part of my life, I have studied military history, and it is my prime intrest. (espicially the War of 1812, Napoleanic Wars, and Anglo-Zulu War.) I really don't often hear of kids my age with this common intrest. Please Write Back!!!!!!!!

-Dan Rudary
6th December 2001Gary Laliberty
Hi Glenn
Well, to name a few, how about Colonel Durnford stand in a donga (dry river bed) or the famous incident of Lt. Melvill and Lt. Coghill to save the Queen's Colour of the 1/24th. Hope this has help.

15th December 2001kris green
hi guys i am 16 and live in the UK i usually model the 1st world war period and have recently got into the anglo-zulu war period i was wondering if anyone here could point out and good sites were i can get some clear pics of uniforms of that period