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11th April 2003What happened to "DON" ?
By Clive Dickens
Here is one for Martin Evertt or John Young
can anyone tell me what happened to "Don" now I can here some saying who the Hell is DON ? well he was one of the survivors of Isandlwana and he was Dog one of the few that did survive has tha Zulu killed most of the dogs that where with the troops that day, so come on Martin and John give me an answer please.
11th April 2003Ian Woodason

It is likely that 'Don' was actually called 'Lion' and the name, being mistranscribed at some time, got changed before the print of him as 'one of the survivors of Isandlwana' appeared in the ILN. As regards what happened to him - check out the Keynsham Light Horse website - links left - or direct link -

An awful lot of the dogs that survived, but stayed near the battlefield, were later killed by the British troops as they had 'gone native'

All the best,

Ian Woodason

Keynsham Light Horse - over 1000 memorials to those involved in the Anglo Zulu War of 1879 online.
11th April 2003Clive Dickens
Thank you Ian I have been to the web site you refered to ,very impressed.thank you again
I was hoping for an adult answer not childish rantings such as yours
11th April 2003John Young

I think 'Woody' on the button there, I too think the name got confused when it was written up in 'The Graphic'.

I'll dig out an old piece from the Journal, where one of our members wrote about 'The Dogs of War'.

John Y.