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4th April 2003Quiz
By John S Radburn
Which British officer of the Zulu War stamped his way into the record books, not just in South Africa but world wide.

J Y you dont have to answer this as i've already told you the answer, lets give the others a chance.

Answer to follow in a few days.


John R
4th April 2003Peter Ewart


"Stamped" his way?

I've looked for a possible Lt Stanley Gibbons or a Capt Roland Hill without success - although an RA Hill and G(ibbons perhaps ?) Stanley do appear, though I fear I'm clutching at straws there!

Don't suppose Wilsone Black's nickname was "Penny" by any chance? Or that there was a Major Phil Ately tucked away somewhere?

QM G. Spinks, Ordnance Store Dept., no doubt dealt in stamps as well as medals - but I suspect I'm barking up the wrong tree anyway.

I have Knight & Greaves "review" version of Mac & Shad but I think more lateral thinking is going to be needed. Good for the old grey matter, though ...

5th April 2003Ian Woodason

Philately will get you anywhere - as Captain E B Evans RA found.

7th April 2003John S Radburn
Nearly there, some very good ideas.

Well done. Captain Edward Benjamin Evans, later Major, stationed in Mauritius, Malta, Bermuda and South Africa was a very keen Philatelist right from his very early days when stationed in Mauritius, as a Lieutenant, later on he was editor for the 'Stanley Gibbons Monthly Journal' for many years. Some of the stamps that he purchased are now in the Royal Collection and also in the British Library.
He wrote numerous articles on postage stamps of a few countries around the world and also of the famous 'Mulready's'


John R
7th April 2003Peter Ewart

Brilliant! A clever question & an even cleverer answer!

I shall think up a teaser myself one day, but don't hold your breath ...

7th April 2003Ron Sheeley
Re: Captain E.B. Evans. Included in the Colonel Henry Fanshawe Davies archive of Zulu War correspondence, I have a memo written and signed by Captain E.B. Evans. He was the officer detailed to escort Captain Carey back to Pietermaritzburg after his disgrace and court martial. In the memo, he complains about a lack of suitable horses for himself and Carey during the journey from camp. There is also another memo by Bellairs detailing Carey's disgrace in not being allowed to carry his sword in camp (unless under attack) and mentioning detailing an officer (to be Evans) to escort Carey. Anyone wanting scans of the transcript of these two items, email me.
Ron Sheeley