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6th February 2003K I A at Isandhlwana
By John S Radburn
Does anyone have any information regarding a Trooper by the name of 'Henry C Lloyd' who was killed at Isandhlwana.

A Major Henderson in 1879 applied for some information regarding this individual (See Pietermaritzburg Archives Repository) but I have not been able to find any follow up leads.

Thanks in advance.


John R
7th February 2003John Young
John R.

Trooper H.C. Lloyd, Natal Mounted Police.

Hope you're feeling all right?

John Y.
7th February 2003John S Radburn

Thanks for the reply. But the plot thickens. In Julian Whybra's book the 'Roll Call' there is a Trooper by the name of 'C Craven-Lloyd' of the Natal Mounted Police. Are they one of the same persons.


John R

P.S. Feeling fine, start treatment in 10 days time.
9th February 2003Alan Critchey
Good luck John
[email protected]
9th February 2003John Young
John R.,

Likewise from here - good luck on the treatment. Keep us posted this time though!

John Y.