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30th August 2005Re-enactment of the Court of Inquiry ?
By Coll
This was mentioned (although maybe in jest) in a previous topic about Isandlwana, and I think it caught more than just my attention.

So. May I ask. Was this a serious suggestion and is there any chance of it happening at some stage, as I'm sure it would be fascinating.

30th August 2005Dawn
Are you going to front with the money to fund it? I could do with a trip to England. I'll be Colenso's daughter. You can be Durnford's brother. Just send me the tickets and I'll be there.
30th August 2005Coll

This was a suggestion made near the end of the topic 'Col. Pulleine's Experience'.

It also mentions that those participating in the re-enactment would not be allowed the use of notes, etc., the whole thing being unrehearsed.

I'm sure it included 'bringing to life' Durnford, Pulleine, etc.

Obviously, the re-enactment would have to involve those 'wise in the knowledge' of the AZW, being authors, historians, etc.

So. It definitely wouldn't include me !

However, I may be the guy in the background shouting " COL. DURNFORD IS INNOCENT !!!!!!"

This being just before the security guards removed me from the courtroom.

Probably by throwing me through one of the closed windows !

30th August 2005Dawn
But that's just what Edward Durnford did, so you'd be perfect!

And how 'wise in the knowledge' would I have to be?

31st August 2005Alan Critchley
some time ago I suggested that this site arrange for a week-end of the sort you mention. I had two people who expressed an interest to progress the idea further. So it never did.

31st August 2005Julian whybra
Watch this space!
31st August 2005Mike McCabe
Oh dear, what would the Great Duke have said?
Promise of one or more defenestrations might really pack 'em in!
The ground rules and guiding assumptions would be critical to success, and too much thinking outside the box could generate more heat than light.
Remember also my earlier suggestion of t't Committee 'gonging' people out - with forfeits to charity - if they strayed too far from the planet earth.
31st August 2005Rich
Looks like it's unfortunate that nothing developed. I'd think it would be fine compelling drama. In fact, in another area, I'm kind of surprised that British producers say of previous Zulu War productions haven't done anything along the lines suggested. Perhaps there would have to be some creative license but if there was a respect for fact you could have a fine exploration of the behavior and motivations of those in the battle. Many decisions were made that day and as a result many were killed and it was a devastating loss.