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20th February 2002Zulu Wealth
By J. Lawson
Having read several publications and seen the epic film many times it still amazes me that the average Zulu warrior had the money to buy a wristwatch as was seen in the film.
21st February 2002Gary Laliberty
It's also amazes me, for all the times that I have seen the movie,both on TV and on the video I have. I can't find any of the scenes that show the Zulus with watches on. Also may I add this. This may start a new discussions,well here goes. Someone once said here or maybe somewere elas that the rifles in the last battle scene,inside the 'Redoubt' were 'bolt action' rifles. Sorry, all that I see are 'lever action' rifles, Martini-Henrys. Oh, the wristwatchs were a gift from Stanley Baker---oh sorry, Sir Stanley Baker.
21st February 2002Gary Laliberty
Hi again,
I don't know if this is a problem or not, maybe it's my AOL web browser. But the replie above was posted Wednesday night about 9:30pm EST the 20th of February, not the 21st.
21st February 2002Ian Woodason
I too look forward to someone telling me in which scene they can see wristwatches.
The bolt action rifles are there - check out the men nearest the camera in the standing rank outside the redoubt in the last battle scene(widescreen edition).
Were the wristwatches 'a gift' or payment? As for the time I would imagine that it is because the board is working on Grenwich Mean Time????

21st February 2002John Young

Look at the 'fire and movement' scene, you will see men near to Stanley Baker working the bolts of their rifles, when they are reloading.

John Young,
Anglo-Zulu War Research Society.
21st February 2002Peter Critchley
Hi Gary,

The discussion forum is based in GMT, so if you are based in the states and leave a message at 9.30pm, it will show as the next day.

All the best,

22nd February 2002Clive Dickens
Mr Lawson
Thank you for bringing this to our attention,I am visiting Isandlwana and Rorkes Drift early next month, so should I happen to find a Rolex watch then now I shall now know who to return it to. (Only Joking), Clive Dickens.
22nd February 2002Ian Essex
I think you may find that the watch story is a mix up from another film.
A watch can be seen clearly on the wrist of a Roman Soldier going into battle in a film, whose name escapes me at the moment.
It is mentioned in lot's of books about film gaffs.

23rd February 2002Maggie
Ben Hur
Some of the chariot racers in 'Ben Hur' were seen to be wearing wristwatches
soso the story goes
23rd February 2002Eddie Saunders
I believe there was a Landrover in the distance somewhere in "El Cid" too but I've never seen it. Wonder what's the biggest thing to get into a film that never should have been there? (...and no-one suggest the Titanic, that already occured to me)
23rd February 2002Ian Woodason
Largest objects that shouldn't have been in a film?

"Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves" - A plantation forest of trees that were not native to Britain in the 12/13th Century is pretty big - but Hadrian's Wall somehow puts in an appearance on the route between Dover and Nottingham - 73 miles long has to be a pretty big object!

24th February 2002Glenn Wade
In 'The Mummy Returns' (set in 1933) the scenes in London show the lights of Canary Warf in the background! I'd say it's quite big!
25th February 2002Boyd Plankinton
Then of course there is the Jet engine noise in the film 'The Sting' which was so loud and happened so often when filming at the merry-go-round that the actors had to stop talking until it ended. The jet noise was so unavoidable it was left in the movie.
26th February 2002Eddie Saunders
That's an interesting thought Boyd. How do you define the "size" of a noise for the purpose of determining "the biggest thing that got into a film"? Perhaps you've discovered a whole new thread to discuss here!