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8th February 2002Zulu Dawn goof
In the battle sequence,as the British lines start to fall back, Bob Hoskins yells out "Save the guns". He then starts fighting several Zulus one on one. Have you noticed in the background that there is another line of British troops that are hugging the ground doing nothing and there is a line of advancing Zulus coming towards them at an extremely slow walk, yet right in the foreground hell has broken loose with redcoats and zulus running all about. This was interesting.
9th February 2002John Young

That whole scene took a number of takes to shot. Look carefully at the background location and you actually discover the scene was shot at Rorke's Drift no less. It was not filmed at the same location as the rest of the battle.

In one of the versions shot Bob Hoskins actually bayonets Dai Bradley.

28th April 2002Stephen
Also, if you look real closely at the Zulus in the background of that scene, you'll notice that one is carrying a Thompson Submachine Gun.
Am I the only one thats noticed this obvious faux pas????