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18th March 2005chard
By atkins
does the chracter in the film zulu reflect the true LFT CHARD
19th March 2005kieran
you cant realy say that because no one a live today knew him so i dont no
20th March 2005Peter Harman
I doub't it very much.
Hook was cast as a drunker barrack room lawyer.
Nothing like the true character.
20th March 2005atkins
ok thanks i was wondering about the comments that he was imcopitant and un reailable made by his commanders to the queen
20th March 2005Peter Harman
I Expect most of the commanders during the zulu wars lied.It was those that were imcopitant the worst one being Chelmsford & Creadlock.
20th March 2005L.J.Knight
The Chard i have come to know by reading many accounts about him suggests that he was the typical product of the by then 'middle classes',solid,reliable,slow to think but quick to act! you must remember the Anglo Zulu War was a strange affair for very different reasons and produced more than its fair share of adventurer's,and some of his fellows officers letters home reveal the depth of jelousness and petty social climbing which was inherent in nineteeth century military life. in my opinion J.R.M.Chard was a top man who carried out his duties in a quite and unassuming manner,theres loads to read about chard on the net. his homecoming,address,response ect is very interesting and his untimelt death at such an early age was of course tragic.these are just my own thoughts atkins he really is worh checking out. regards L.J.Knight
25th March 2005Richard
Apparently some of the people who maid the comments about Chard were known to be jealous of him.