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10th January 2005trying to find Pte. W. Wheeler 1/24
By James
I have a South Africa Medal for Pte. W. Wheeler 1/24th foot no.2192.
I think that he may have served at isandhlwana? but can't find any roll calls how can I find more infomation?
10th January 2005Peter Weedon

25B/2192 Pte W Wheeler was transferred to 1/23rd Regiment and was awarded the medal with the 1879 clasp (Source: Noble 24th, Norman Holme).

He was not at Isandhlwana.

Peter Weedon
10th January 2005Martin Everett
Seeing you auction medals - you could do the research yourself and track down his documents in the National Archives (not available on-line) in box WO97/2136 or WO97/4142 depending when he was discharged. A copy of the service paapers would add value to the medal.