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Travels in South Africa

My travels within South Africa through the last 20 years has been extensive. It has been inclusive of visits to most all of the major battle sites, historical monuments, game reserves, and places within the largest concentrations of population.

South Africa\'s primary resource is its people, a diversity of cultures. Secondarily, South Africa is gifted with phenomenal natural resources. Thanks to environmentalists, these resources including the wild game are being preserved and restored. The historical sites including places like SpionKop, Rorke\'s Drift, and Isandlwana are beyond description.

Lynette and Raymond Heron own and operate SpionKop Lodge, one of the finest facilities in South Africa for accommodation, cordiality, and historical value. Raymond Heron is most knowledgeable on the historical accuracy of the South Africa - English war of 1899 - 1902. Further, Raymond Heron is a man of impeccable integrity, uncompromising in principles and not only speaks but acts with fervent beliefs on human rights.

The business operation at SpionKop Lodge is undoubtedly beyond question or reproach. Among the private facilities available to Americans and other foreign tourists, it ranks among the top ten of the \"must see\" historical places of interest within South Africa.

Cliff B. Gosney, Jr.