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Zulu Dramatization Podcast

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I made a little dramatization of the Zulu Wars in a Podcast. Its not historically accurate and may seem cheesey. But to me its funny and entertaining. If you would like one please email me at [email protected]

I have 2 episodes so far. Chronicling Islandwana. My next few episodes will deal with Rorke's Drift. Forgive me for my fake accent but this podcast is for entertainment purposes. So email me, and Ill send you it via attachment, I don't have a website for it yet.
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hokey accent? it don't matter!

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Hi there Lord Adam,

You may be interested, when the time comes, in doing a spot of voice acting for a good cause - the Rome Total War mod of the Anglo-Zulu-Boer conflicts ZULU TOTAL WAR. While we're still working through the models and maps (we're a rather small team - 3 committed guys of which only one can do the 3d models) we're always welcoming of volunteers for long or short term service Wink

Tom 'Harlechman'

Tom "Harlechman"
Zulu Total War Team,
a Rome TW: BI mod.
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Zulu Dramatization Podcast
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