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The Man who would be King and the serialized version of Far Pavilions are shown on Freeview regularly.
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Phil Read

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I was pleased to see that Zulu was shown on Channel 4 yesterday (New Year's Eve). I (and others) were doubtful that it would be shown on terrestrial television again but I'm pleased to say that I was wrong. Maybe there's still hope!
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It is hard to make predictions especially about the future,
Things have a way of working out.

Growing up as a young English speaking South African we were kind of

overdosed on the great trek and The Battle of Blood River at high school.

After 1994 the whole Great Trek was de-emphasised in South African Schools.

Thanks to the various policies adopted by the current government they seem to have generated a lot of blow back and there is a huge interest in the Great Trek and Boer War by young Afrikaners.

Huge celebrations of the day of the vow at the Voortrekker Monument and the famous De Lay Rey song.

So Afrikaans nationalism and cultural pride is actually being enhanced.

Funny how things work out
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The end for 'Zulu'
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