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Lieut Col Spalding - family history
Richard Spalding

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raiengland wrote:
Hi Paul,
Henry Joseph Spalding 104th Regt, son of Henry Spalding, born 14 july 1840, christened Old Church St Pancras 15 Aug 1841, married Ruby age 18, of Southampton, retired from the army 1881, died 22 may 1907 in London, his death was reg St Georges Hanover Sq and his London address was Bury St.

Rai (or anybody else who is interested). I have just joined this group as I am interested in the Spalding family history. I am intrigued that you say Lieut Col Spalding was born Henry Joseph. I recently purchased "Epochs of the British Army" by a Lieut Colonel HS Spalding, it is dated 1891. This would rather fit with the details of your person except for the middle name. Any thoughts? I have struggled to find a marriage certificate to Ruby as you mention (or a Ruth as other have indicated) - that would be great as should give father's name thus linking to the birth record of HJ.
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Richard Spalding

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I have had good luck with linking this Henry Spalding to my family by finding a great biography of another family member with several references to Col Henry Spalding: "a budding young army officer" and "Years later Henry went through the Zulu Wars, South Africa, and became a Colonel, also a bit of a gourmand".
Therefore I invested in the birth and marriage certificates from the GRO (let me know if anybody needs a copy). Indeed his marriage was on 4 May 1888 to Rubina Frederica Constance Naghten (spelling is a little unclear but don’t think it is Naughton). Her age is stated as 25, he 47: they were married at Wandsworth Registry Office. Interestingly the 1881 census has them living as husband and wife, she being ages 18 and born in Southampton. The 1891 census say she was born “At Sea”! The marriage certificate say her father is Arthur Robert Naghten (deceased), Gentleman. I do find an 1871 census in Millbrook in Hampshire with that person – occupation Landowner and Capt Hampshire Artillery (is there a link to Henry’s military service?) – but there are no children listed. Same in 1881. I can find no birth record for this Rubina/Ruby: she is quite a mystery. But sadly died in 1896 aged 33

So I believe the correct details for Henry Spalding are:
1840-09-27 Born, son of Thomas Spalding, Stationery at Spalding & Hodge
1840? Baptism – not found (and so far not found for any of his 6 siblings)
1841 + 1851 Census with parents in St Pancras
1861 + 1871 Census – not found presumably on military service oversea
1881 Census – Marylebone with Ruby F Spalding as husband & wife
1888-05-04 Marriage – Wandsworth Registry Office
1891 Census – Wandsworth with Ruby FC Spalding. Note they have a 7 year old boy Walter Eater as ‘visitor’
1896 Q4 Death of wife, Southwark
1901 Census – 29 Bury Street, Westminster, widower
1907-05-22 Died 24 Chapel Street, Belgrave Square though residing 29 Bury Street, Kensington
1907? Burial – not yet found
1907-07-16 Probate - executor his brother John Howard Spalding, estate was about £600

To that I will blend in the military career that Andy R and others have shared on this forum (Andy if you still have the medals I would love to see them or even buy them back to the family). John Young, I would love to see the picture you have – even if poor.
1858 -02-20 Commissioned Ensign
1858 -05 (May to October) attached to 53rd (Shropshire) Regiment in the Indian Mutiny campaign. He was present at the passage of the Goomtee and occupation of Sultanpore
1859-10-09 Commissioned Lieut
1865-1868 Regimental Instructor of Musketry
1868-02-09 Commissioned Capt, 104th Foot, Bengal
1869-12 Passed out of the Staff College
1877-1878 (?) Kaffir Campaign operation against Galekas Zulu Campaign
1877-79 (?) Appointed Deputy Assistant Adjutant & Quartermaster General, Cape of Good Hope in the 9th Cape Frontier War.
1879-03-15 Mentioned in Dispatches L.G.
1879-07-12 (?) Acted as marshal at funeral of the prince Imperial.
1879-11-11 Brevet of Major
1880-10-16 Substantive Major
1880-12-22 Honorary Lieut Col
1880-12-22 Retired (April 1882 Army List)

Indian Mutiny Medal no bar to Ensign Henry Spalding 53rd regiment
1877-08-09 South Africa medal bar to the 104th foot
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that seems like a good deal of information, and worth the 16 years since the topic began.


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Henry Spalding 104th Foot
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