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Natal Mercury - 19 June 1879

(Classification "Local & General")

"Private Jones V.C. :- The name of Private Jones of the 2 - 24 th Regiment, will have been noticed amongst those who by distinguishing themselves at Rorke's Drift earned the Victoria Cross. A rather painful but interesting story is told of Private Jones. When he came here with his regiment his wife came with him, but after he had been at the front some time she became dangerously ill and he obtained leave of absence to come down to attend to her. Jones took a little room in a house facing the St George's Hotel Tap, and there by working night and day repairing boots and shoes he managed to earn many comforts for his the dying wife. He was a steady plodding fellow, but his wife was beyond recovery, and he remained with her until she died. The next day he buried her remains, and at once started off to join his regiment, but he did not succeed in reaching it. He was nearly broken-hearted at the loss he had sustained, and cared perhaps little for his own life, which, however, as circumstances occurred, proved a most valuable one. He stayed at Rorke's Drift, and had not been there long when the memorable attack and defence were made. On this occasion Jones distinguished himself in a most heroic manner, having rescued a number of invalids from the burning hospital. For this gallant service Jones received the Victoria Cross, and is now with his regiment, a steady good soldier, as he always has been."