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snider artillery carbine
snider volley

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I am looking for some solid pictures of a snider artillery carbine and info
can any of you fine fellows help me a bit with this one (seems to be tough to find anything? i have found where there have been a couple for sale but never any ppictures ?odd>
you can send large shot s to my email
thank you

[email protected]
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Michael Boyle

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First stop should of course be Neil's Swinburn & Snider Carbines topic further down this forum page. For specifically artillery carbine pictures there's -



Tower Artillery, Belgian Contract-

Cartridge Carbines of the British Army by Alan M. Petrillo (currently in print) has a chapter on Snider Artillery Carbines and for general reference there's The Snider-Enfield Resource List -

And now for something completely different there's the Talkin' Old Guns radio show archives from 2001 that you can download or listen to on line at no cost. These are real down home Americana but quite informative if one is able to wade through the politics (a recurring theme is the plight of one James Goodwin who was arrested in Britain for trying to take home a number of .577/.450 cartridge cases (not live rounds) for use by the "Gordon's Relief" reenactors in Arizona). Each show offers a plethora of information on all sorts of Sniders, M-Hs, Peabodys, ammunition, firing excersises, on-air live-fire range reports and some very technical minutiae on all facets of the 19th century 'big boomers'. I hope I can find time to listen to all of them since they don't appear to offer transcripts.


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snider artillery carbine
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