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Peter Ewart

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A way with words? You can say that again! In the funniest and one of the cleverest posts I've seen on here for a while - and no mention of a Zulu in sight - Saw has reminded me, for one, why this is the best and most civilised forum on the net. I take my hat off to you, Saw. Indeed, at this moment I have just picked up you racquet, turned you to face the cheering crowd and encouraged them to double the applause in your direction. You may have "lost" the match but in my book you have won the laurels. Good lad, indeed.

Alan - second ball of the second day, actually, but we mustn't split hairs as it won't change the result. With this defeat, and inspired by Saw's reportage, should I be switching sports?

Thanks, Saw. Do let us know when the contribution goes up on the site.

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Aren't you supposed to break my metaphorical racquet over your knee and hand back the two pieces? Or did I just dream that? Incidentally, don't try this at home, kids. In real life (or at least in my prime of real life), my racquet of choice was a TA Davis Classic and one's knee would surely have lost that argument. There are no Zulus in sight, Peter. They're gone! All of them. It's a miracle!

You know, I always thought of this sub-topic, "Games, modelling/wargaming etc", as "The Lt's" turf (or playground, if you will). Is it going to wither and die now for lack of interest? Surely there are others to shoulder his mantle.

Tribute post is up pending "approval", complete with typos and grammar and usage errors. I'm sorry I couldn't have done "The Lt" better, but it ain't too shabby. Somehow they posted my real first name! Yikes, I can't find my anonymity anymore! Where did I leave it last?
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RIP the Lt. A wonderful miniature view of the AZW. His posts will be greatly missed.

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I didn't think, white rabbits this morning, I actually thought of Joe.

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The Telling of The Zulu War with Toy Soldiers
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