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Would A Durnford Statue Be Removed Eventually ?

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This is obviously a (very) hypothetical question

However, I remember my very first naÔve topic on RDVC in 2005, having had no contact with any AZW experts/enthusiasts since my studying of it started in the early 90s.

In it I suggested a publicly funded Durnford Memorial statue to be placed either outside the RE Museum, or as someone else mentioned, at the foot of the Drakensberg Mountains, even contacting and getting a reply from The Friends Of The Royal Engineers Museum after writing them an enquiry.

In this wishful thinking, if such a statue did exist, would it also be getting requested to be removed, or is it the more famous historical figures, at least at the moment ?

Iím just wondering how far this process is going to be taken, regarding any other memorials no matter how lesser-known the person is/was, if linked to colonialism.

Iím just using this as an example, as if it was publicly funded, it then belongs to those who paid for its construction, therefore their property.

I hadnít considered the sort of legal issues that could be involved for such a removal, as there must be rights of ownership to deal with too, which is a very interesting point raised on a AZW FB page, as law both civilian and military interests me greatly, having acquired a few books on the subject.

I would be outraged if such a memorial statue was removed, if in this case, I personally had suggested its creation and paid a substantial amount for it to be built and sited, amongst other contributors.

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Would A Durnford Statue Be Removed Eventually ?
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