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Sandy Barnard & Kevin Galvin - Zulu/Indian War AZW Event

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Iíve finally just received a copy of ĎI Go With Custer: The Life And Death Of Reporter Mark Kelloggí by Sandy Barnard, in excellent condition, including superb dust jacket, with a writing on the inside to someone and signature from 1998, which is a bonus.

However, it is the author himself I wish to enquire about, as I seem to recall many years ago he was supposed to hold a talk at an AZW event about the subject in the heading of this topic, but I donít think he was able to attend.

This was from another event -

Is this the same man, plus did he ever give such a talk at any AZW event ?

It is also interesting, due to the recent image I found of Custer, posing in a way common for the time, but left arm tucked in his jacket, by choice rather than an injury

Quite surprising to read in the article that there are over 500 pictures of Custerís Last Stand, when you consider there being so very few of a similar subject at Isandhlwana (less than 10). I guess Custerís fame explains the difference in amount.

If Little Bighorn was depicted in art in the same way as Isandhlwana has been in the aftermath until the present, it would mean all the paintings would show only the 7th cavalry troopers and some officers in the last stand, but Custer himself missing, apart from one or two rare occasions, including the latter being titled Custerís Last Stand, which would have been seen as highly unusual.

Anyone meet Sandy Barnard personally ?

Additionally, it is interesting to read the details about Kevin Galvin too in the notes section of the first link

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Sandy Barnard & Kevin Galvin - Zulu/Indian War AZW Event
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