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New Book - Improved Reprint ?

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Saw this book on amazon released August 2020, seems to be a contemporary account written 5 years or so after the war, not sure as I don’t have it myself, or the book it might have originally been from -
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I notice in the review, it states: He (the author) held unashamedly imperial sentiments
so this is not the place to expect a balanced political view by contemporary standards.

Today's views are balanced?

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Yes, you noticed that too Alan.

It might be worth purchasing this book to compare to more recent publications, to see just how much progress has been made since 1879 to now, as in, not with the information now available, but more to do with said balanced (or lack of) accounts since then.

The Anglo-Zulu War is a fascinating subject to study, but alas, there are no, or at least not many, counter-publications to what appears to be the majority thinking, therefore authors of books have a free rein to write pretty much anything they want, knowing there is nobody to oppose them.

I feel it affects the quality of the books tbh, as the contents are mostly repeating what has went before, even now we know the likes of the Official Narrative Of The Field Of Operations was incorrect on some point(s), but was never amended

I’ve always compared any attempts at counter-arguments to the ‘given’ as being like King Canute trying to hold back the tide...

I consider myself to be an avid and very serious enthusiast, who has noticed and pointed out many flaws and holes in coverage to try and even the playing field...but to no avail...nobody really wants to know, or are themselves wary of raising their heads above the ramparts.

As it is, although still dabbling in the AZW to keep up to date, am now studying other related subjects to strengthen my theories.
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James Grant’s edited account of Zulu War appeared in ‘British Battles on Land & Sea’, published in various editions over several years. It relies on contemporary articles and publications, it is illustrated in the main by engravings taken from the ILN & Graphic.

The originals frequently appear on online auction sites.

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New Book - Improved Reprint ?
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