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Teaching About The Zulu War 1879 In Schools

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Iíve been reading a very interesting book about the teaching of history in schools, and how there are about three versions of how history is covered.

I remember history lessons in school, but heard absolutely zero about the Zulu War 1879, whether that is something to do with living in Scotland, or was not part of the curriculum, Iíve no idea.

History lessons always seemed to be ancient history...nothing Victorian that I remember, else I would have taken an interest in Rorkeís Drift, etc., a llot earlier.

Obviously, as well the book states, a curriculum(?) can only cover so much, and school textbooks can only be supplied which contain the specific requirements, but the question is, are the young being given enough education about ALL history in order to question the past, and how accurate it is, or are they to only learn a set agenda, only to find out other things themselves by choice or accident ?

Are school books then only given a set train of thought, almost to prevent the acquiring of truthful facts by being motivated to question previous study ?

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I think it would depend on which examination board the curriculum followed. In my own case it was social and economic history. We never touched on monarchs or our overseas history. Our Victorian history related to the industrial revolution etc.

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Teaching About The Zulu War 1879 In Schools
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