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Hlobane And The Ashanti Ring

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Is it thought that Wood and Buller were protected in the aftermath by being in this ‘ring’, to prevent them being questioned about the defeat and how it came about with planning, etc. It seemed the successful engagement that followed at Kambula distracted from the former incident, though Buller being awarded a VC for his actions at Devil’s Pass, which was part of the whole in itself, created by both commanders. Surely to award him a VC, means the whole engagement would need to be described in order to understand how and why his bravery occurred at that place, as to reward him in this way, but ignore all that went on before, leading to the descent from Devil’s Pass, not in itself the desired location to escape from the Zulus, is curious, his getting a VC in a disaster he actually helped play at least a part in the planning, or in this case, the lack of.
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Hlobane And The Ashanti Ring
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