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Protecting The Battlefield Of Isandhlwana From Development

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Firstly, I must confess to having not visited the battlefield, but I have seen and read of the development of the area surrounding the main battlefield beginning to encroach closer to its perimeter, including a new palace apparently ?

I've been curious to know how much politics and law is put to use for gaining the go-ahead for such unwanted development, but also those who fight for the battlefield's preservation against the odds.

I've only found one book covering such fights for another battlefield and ask to know if this will assist me in understanding the behind-the-scenes machinations of these events -

Battling For Manassas: The Fifty-Year Preservation Struggle At Manassa National Battlefield Park.
by Joan M. Zenzen

Additionally, are the areas for present developments marked out on the ground for investigation by archaeologists, before building is begun, which this book seems to cover ? -

Not sure if the following paragraph from another source clarifies the matter of building and archaeology -

Given the inherent spiritual significance and scientific and heritage value of human remains, special ethical considerations should be given to the protection of both the remains and the burial sites. Both must be treated with respect and, whenever possible and reasonable, the wishes of the next of kin, the genealogical descendents (if known) or the community with the closest historical or cultural association must be respected.

The laws are less explicit and often inconsistent in the case of accidental discoveries of archaeological objects and other archaeological resources that not associated with human remains. Ideally, if such a discovery occurs, all work that could potentially threaten the site should be halted, the site itself closed and secured and the responsible provincial, territorial or federal archaeological official notified. Where there is any doubt as to whether a find is an archaeological resource, it is best to obtain expert advice without delay.
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the plans for Isandlwana are an ongoing issue. I'm hoping to update events with this topic:

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Protecting The Battlefield Of Isandhlwana From Development
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