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Poking around In Natalia (fine source for things Natal and AZW btw) I came across a review of the "Dictionary of English Usage in Southern Africa (I believe published in '75) in Natalia 6.

If one reads it, you'll find the reviewer wasn't too enamored of the definition of some items in the dictionary particularly this.....

"The explanations of the terms KwaZulu and Zulu are unsatisfactory. Anyone who looks at a map showing the boundaries of the homeland can see that it includes more territory than the former Zululand. Similarly, to define Zulu as an African tribe in north Natal and as the language spoken by these people is far too limited."

And a reviewer felt "meter maid" was of doubtful use since he questioned whether a nation of angry and ruthless motorists would ever seriously call a female traffic warden anything so sucrosely whimsical".

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Using "isiZulu" in English Discourse
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