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artifacts , ground dug , for sale

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good morning

i cam across a site dealing in cartridge cases and bullets recovered
(allegedly) from Isandlwana or Rorke's drift

I'm not so gullible to take everything i read at face value , but in a way i'd love to hold a tangible piece of the battle , but then a part of me feels the artifacts are meant for a museum (i accept they could come from anywhere though)

whats the legality of searching for artifacts? , i know that in the 1960's it was a popular pastime.

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Most are National Parks now, so one can't dig or detect, but more importantly they're also sacred ground because of the graves. Somewhere there's a middle ground between respect, archaeology and pillaging, but I just don't know where it is. My advice? Buy a suitable Martini round and bury it for a couple of years. What comes out of the ground by that time will look the same as an artifact.
Better still, sell your first born son and go to South Africa! This isn't advice from a rich man, so don't take me for one of "them", but to walk on that "holy ground" is an experience you will always remember! Isandlwana is just plain spooky-- by day or night (and it's a lame little hill that tops out at about 400 feet, so how come the "aura"?)! Spend the five or so grand (the cost of a reliable car) and hop on a plane. Go! You won't regret it!
My handful of that sandy and dry red soil means more to me than my collection of Martini-Henry's.
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artifacts , ground dug , for sale
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