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with regard to your questions :

"is this painting a " working copy " or the finished product ? , will the points raised with regard the accuracy /realism of the kit be absorbed in a FINAL rendition ( if one ) of this painting ? . Would I be correct in saying artistic licence was used in this portrayal ?.

The answer is yes, yes and yes. That is the whole point of posting the artwork on this forum. I can then incorporate the suggestions of more informed people than myself into the final painting where possible before it is published as a print and released (or escapes ) on to the market.
Artistic licence is used to create an appealing image or tell a story where actual footage or photographs do not exist, but even photographs taken at the time have been known to have been "staged " by the photographer.

A good example of this is the photographs of the 'valley of the shadow of death' taken during the crimean war by Roger Fenton. In this he has clearly moved the canon balls into the road from their original position in a ditch, just to add drama and interest to the picture.
Just Google 'Fenton Valley of the shadow of death' and you will see what I mean. I belive there is also something on Youtube about it too!

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Sapper Mason

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Cool , Dear Mr ARTIST ,
So sorry for the delay in reply , i have been away recently and have just returned , each time i go to Kew it changes . With regard your painting i admire anyone who can put such dramatic images on canvas , i can sketch a bit but it is a different matter when it comes to capturing a image on canvas . Of course an artist uses artistic licence , he or she must to capture the moment . Look at the famous painting of Rorke's drift where a number of incidents are all captured in time at the same point , when the painting was done originally there was not the expertese of knowledge there is in 2008 . I will never claim to be an expert in this field , i leave that to others. Comments have been raised on the painting as to aspects of the uniforms etc , it is refreshing that the painter is using this forum to ensure the finished product is as close to 100 % as we anoraks seem to like . Do you know at this time when you will undertake the " final - cut " so to speak ? . I for one think you have captured the spirit of the moment very well and look forward to seeing the finished article , thank you for your reply to my queries , " Sapper "

Wink Cool Wink
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