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Visit to the ZULU WAR Battlefields
Andrew Bush

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Finally visited Zululand and the Battlefields I found it a most enjoyable and rewarding experience. We stopped at Rorke's Drift lodge, which I can thoroughly recommend as value for money and also Paul & Christine Lamberth are excellent hosts.

Paul is an extremely good and knowledgable guide replacing common sense and analysis to match some of the stories. He also explained the battlefields and the topography from the Zulu perspective as well as the British/Colonial viewpoint. Sean Friend is also an excellent guide for Hloblaine and Kambula; other places visited Greytown, Helpmekaar, Makengi Falls, Isandlwana, RD, Fort Pearson, PI and many others.

Climbed up to where Younghusbands last stand was made and where the proposed last soldier fell hidden in the cave.

The place is very dry at the moment no rain for 3 months and lots of back burning being carried out. Once again many thanks to Paul and Christine

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I echo Andrew's comments about Rorke's Drift Lodge and Paul and Christine. They did a great job in providing a conveniently-located location, at an affordable price, with excellent guiding on the Isandlwana-Rorke's Drift - Fugitives' Drift sites. Paul especially raised questions and perspectives that I had not previously considered. My wife and I are most grateful to them, without RDL we could not have made the most of our trip.

And many thanks also to Daniel and Motz Bezuidenhout of the Royal Country Inn, and Dirk Froeneman of Lennox Cottage, all in Dundee, for their gracious hospitality; to Neville Worthington, who provided equal expertise in Boer War and birding tours; and to Rex and Cato Duke in Ulundi, who provided us a remarkable opportunity to understand Zulu culture and the Ulundi battlefield.

Tim Mulligan, just returned from a 12-day visit to South Africa
Visit to the ZULU WAR Battlefields
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