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142nd Anniversary Of Isandhlwana

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After much consideration and a few drams to remember those who fell on the field of Isandhlwana today, members of the British units of the 24th, the R.A., the R.E. including Chard’s few men who having just arrived, the Army Medical Corps to the last trying to save the wounded, as who can forget the finding of the Ambulance wagon, plus those of other units present with the I.M.I., etc.

I feel compelled to also mention the Colonial Volunteers who died with them - Newcastle Mounted Rifles, Natal Carbineers, Natal Mounted Police, Buffalo Border Guard, amongst others, including the civilians who died fighting in the camp too. All not considered professional soldiers, but who died with them nonetheless so worthy of remembrance today.

Additionally, the Native units who fought and died with us in the field, so oft forgotten - NNH, NNC - but as the famous line states - ‘They died on our side didn’t they’

However, it is the bravery and sacrifice of the Zulus themselves that is very much in the forefront of my mind today, defending their territory against a technically advanced invader, but charging against walls of lead, ball and canister shot to seize the day, at great loss to themselves and the Zulu Nation itself.

As a last salute in this late post, the two commanders defending the Isandhlwana camp with their limited forces - Durnford and Pulleine - who managed to conduct such an incredible fight, so that Chelmsford’s remaining part of No.3 Column returned to Natal without further losses.

I recall a person at the time stating on an occasion - ‘The rear always takes care of itself’ - well, the defenders of Isandhlwana did exactly that, by protecting Chelmsford’s at the ultimate cost.

When remembering the fallen....remember them all

(Alan - you can delete this if it reads badly, but it read okay to me with blurry eyes (and mind) last night)

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Why Do You Have To Die If You’re A Hero

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142nd Anniversary Of Isandhlwana
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