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Paul Bryant-Quinn wrote:
I believe that Watson’s Maiwand injuries are mentioned in A Study in Scarlet (1887), The Sign of the Four (1890), and in a short story entitled ‘The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor’ (1892). I'd be interested to know of other references to this.

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There are two descriptions of where Watson's wound actually was - this is an extract from The Baker Street Wiki:

"Watson had served in the British Army medical corps in Afghanistan, but was discharged following an injury Watson gives two separate locations for the Jezail bullet wound he received while serving in the British Army. In "A Study in Scarlet" he states "I was struck on the shoulder by a Jezail bullet, which shattered the bone and grazed the subclavian artery." However in "The Sign of Four", Watson informs us "... I sat nursing my wounded leg. I had had a Jezail bullet through it some time before, and though it did not prevent me from walking it ached wearily at every change of the weather". "The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor" contains the only other reference to the injury. Here Watson is a little ambiguous; he tells us "the Jezail bullet which I had brought back in one of my limbs as a relic of my Afghan campaign throbbed with dull persistence." received in the line of duty during the Battle of Maiwand. Watson was almost killed in the long and arduous retreat from the battle, but was saved by his orderly, Murray. He was also struck with fever and was invalided out of the Army with a half pay officer pension of 11 shillings and 6 pence a month."

I hope that this helps.
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