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Artist Simon Smith Question - Permission/Copyright

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Simon, I eventually located an image you added to this forum of your work-in-progress of 'Durnford Rides Out', which featured the close-up shot of just him sitting atop the horse down to the saddle, on the 'Commissioning A Painting Of Colonel Durnford' in the Uniforms and Equipment section.

I find this to be an absolutely amazing likeness of him, and wondered what is the situation regarding permission, copyright, etc., to use this specific image in order to get a poster-size enlargement eventually from a company for framing ?

I know there is the issued finished painting, but this is the one I'd love to own for a main wall, and therefore seek your permission to use it

I'd post said image on this topic to save searching, but am not able to.

Thank you in advance

PS. I didn't want to contact you direct as it is not dealing with an actual issued painting

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John Young

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Simon sells the prints of Durnford Rides Out on EBay. Why not order it from him and strike up a rapport.

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Artist Simon Smith Question - Permission/Copyright
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